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Hello from Germany,

we have a product for Golfpros (Schools) and Golfclubs and I would like to get some attention on fb. Unfortunatelly, the targeting isn´t that easy, as there is no such thing as "Profession = Golfpro". Every guy uses some own words for describing his work status.

As you might know, we have a big GDPR issue here - we can´t use Custom Audiences anymore.

How do you approach a task like this? Any advice would be helpful!

Thank You!
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    I think you are saying that you want to target actual professional golfers - like ones on the PGA Tour. I'm quite sure that Facebook would not be the way.

    These people receive practically everything they use for free in exchange for sponsorships, so the last thing in the world a pro golfer is going to do is pay for golf equipment.

    They have private instructors that are well-known and referred through word of mouth and who solicit them directly, face to face, so I doubt they would be interested in anything dealing with a golf school, either, let alone be influenced by a Facebook post.

    Maybe I just don't understand who you are really trying to market to and what it is you are providing. Perhaps you are talking about the local golf pro in a pro shop (you know, the guy who's called a "pro" but never played on the tour). Again, they are visited face to face buy salespeople and they also attend major golf shows (like the PGA Show in Orlando every February) where they make connections and learn about new products. That's the ONLY way you are going to be successful with the local golf pro and again, Facebook ads would be a complete waste of money. Websites and Facebook ads are for the average consumer when it comes to this industry.
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      Thank You Dave.
      I don´t want to target tour players - I want to target Professionals, who make a living teaching. In Germany it´s not the same as it is in the US. 90% of the Pros teach fulltime and we built a plattform to help them gain new customers and manage their business (bookings, etc.).

      Here we go ... the english translation is not completely done yet, but you´ll get an idea:

      Thanks savidge4 & wentzco!
      I´ll absolutely try to go for LinkedIn.

      Problem is, that in Germany nobody calls himself a "golf instructor", but a PGA Pro or something like that and fb doesn´t offer those targets.

      It was all easy when we could use Custom Audiences, but that´s no longer possible.

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    Actually no he / she is not wanting to reach "Pro Golfers" as in those on the tour.. he is wanting to reach "Golf Pros" as in those that are in charge of a golf course.

    The answer here is Facebook would NOT be where I would target these folks.. I would be all over LinkedIn. Look at a page like this: and I am sure these are the type of people you are wanting.. and LinkedIn is where you can find them.

    Hope that Helps!
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    So you are saying you can't target people who like the Facebook page of the United States Golf Teachers Federation at ? I did see you could target "golf instruction" as one of the job titles under Demographics/Work for Facebook ads

    That do have advertising opportunities for their magazine and newsletter at USGTF Advertising Opportunities - United States Golf Teachers Federation by the way as well.

    I would also recommend looking at LinkedIn advertising and targeting people with job titles of "Head Golf Professional" & "Golf Instructor" as well.
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    This thread is one of the most helpful that I have seen in a long time. Well done!

    Entrepreneurs starting out and small businesses without giant staffs and budgets.

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