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Hi everyone,

I am new and have been reading loads of the posts and am amazed at how many people are helping others.

To cut an extremely long and boring short, I've spent the best part of 20 years in and out of some from of internet or multi-level marketing. I would spend money, nothing would happen and I would become despondent about the whole thing. It seems to be cyclical, but I know that I need to stick to one thing and do it well.

However, in the past few months, I have been reading and watching videos, buying courses on:

Lead Generation
Affiliate Marketing
Shopify stores
Website blogs
Traffic Generation

I am at a point where I am completely overwhelmed.

I seriously want to pick one but just don't know which one. I feel that affiliate marketing is probably the easiest, and I have tried to a small degree but no sales. I have also set up a weight loss website, but the amount of time I have spent on this has been astronomical yet not a lot of progress.

I work full time and am a single parent, so I do struggle with time and financial commitment, but I'm willing to work super hard.

I've bought a clickfunnels trial through a guy called Franklin Hatchett and followed his course, but no sales to date.

In your opinions, which area do you think would be the best place to start? All these places like clickfunnels and autoresponders are expensive, especially the conversion to Australian dollars at the moment.

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts.

Thanks everyone,

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    buying courses on:

    My advice: stop buying

    Anything you try 'to a small degree' with have a small change at success.

    I was talking to an ex-sister-in-law recently and she asked "have you seen that new XXX diet? I just bought it"....

    If a diet 'works' - you would only need one. Yet year after year new diet books and plans and products are intruduced and sell like crazy. People are buying the diet - they are buying the dream of not being overweight.

    You are buying dreams - stop buying. Pick one course or product of software or ebook - that you believe has real potential....and DO IT from A to Z. Don't stop - don't do #1 and #2 and skip to #9....

    Don't choose a path because it 'looks easier' - nothing is easy until you learn how to do it. If you do't know what you are going to do - you don't need to buy 'tools' like clickfunnel and autoresponder at the moment.

    Why not choose ONE thing....make a plan ot action and post it in the Warrior Path section as a challenge to yourself. Make is a common sense goal - to build a blog or to build an affiliate site or to create a product or write an ebook...have 3month or 6 month timeline, a budget you can handle (small is fine)...

    The motivation from a thread like that - and the help you'll get from membres here - might be enough to get you moving in the right direction.
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      Hi Kay,
      Thanks for your thoughts - much appreciated.
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  • To get sales, firstly you need to find affiliate offers or buy ready-made products that are able to convert well. This is not difficult. Secondly, you need to know how to drive targeted traffic effectively and this is the one you have to focus on and master.
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    All these places like clickfunnels and autoresponders are expensive,
    There are much more affordable options. With CF you are paying mostly for the brand.

    It's an old story but I think it's appropriate in this situation: In the Gold rush, the people who get rich are not the ones searching for Gold. It's the people who sell picks and pans and shovels.

    Our "Gold rush" is online marketing. The tools are autoresponders, hosting, etc. It doesn't matter what people want to promote, they will need tools. There is a constant supply of new customers coming into the market every day. Some will earn you residual commissions for years.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
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    Traffic. targeted traffic and more targeted traffic to almost any website and almost any offer is the best way to make money online in my opinion. You did not mention anything about traffic and I can only conclude that you never paid for targeted traffic. You also say that you have been doing this a long time and I can only conclude that you already know about the traffic.

    A lot of people suggest to first source a product that sells and that is fine and well. However, I suggest to source a form of traffic first. In other words, before you source a product that sells select a source of traffic to the product.


    A website and an offer is an island unto itself without traffic. That means a few things: some ad networks are blocked by ISPs and some ad networks block traffic to specific products. In some cases some host's 'shared hosting' blocks traffic.

    Traffic, traffic, traffic.

    Jeffery 100%
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    What the heck.

    Shiny Object Syndrome Overload.

    You need two things.




    People need to come from somewhere, and be taken to your conversion tool.

    Pick ONE combination and stick with it.

    WHO are you solving a serious problem for (and a serious problem can be, "I'm starving and need lunch now" or "I am bored right this minute and need entertainment")?

    WHERE are they?

    That's your traffic source.

    How are you going to capture these leads? Will you run ads? Post in forums or FB groups? Buy access to someone's existing list?

    Where are you going to take these people to?

    That's your conversion tool.

    Will it be a webinar, VSL, sales letter?

    Personally I recommend you have an opt-in page, and then a warm up email sequence before you send them to the conversion tool. That's called qualification. But you don't have to.

    All those things you mentioned, they're sold as the "Be All End All" solution. But they are actually each one just a single option for either traffic or conversion.

    Funnels = qualification and conversion.

    Lead Generation = traffic

    Affiliate Marketing = conversion

    Shopify stores = conversion

    Website blogs = conversion

    Traffic Generation = Lead Generation (same thing) = traffic.

    See how these in isolation don't work? Funnels...where's the traffic coming from to pour leads into them? Shopify stores, or your blog...where's the traffic coming from, again? Lead generation...what method are we talking about here, and where's the conversion tool? We don't make money just from traffic generation. There has to be that second part to turn some of those prospects into buyers.

    Pick ONE traffic source and ONE conversion tool and stick with them so you learn something.

    Every time you switch you go back to zero.

    Most of the people on this forum have no clear idea of what they are trying to accomplish. And it's this:

    Drive pre-qualified leads from a specific source to your conversion tool to turn some of them into buyers.

    That's the Revenue Equation.

    Traffic X Conversion = $$$.

    Every time you see a shiny object, ask yourself: Is this a Traffic element or a Conversion tool?
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    It's like I'm reading my story.
    Yes, I also find 'distraction' is no 1 problem in internet marketing. So better to stick to one plan and give it all your energies. Try to find your natural passion.
    After 4 years of continuous struggle, I found success in IM product reviews.
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    Overload to simplicity.. It can literally be this easy... Do you buy stuff on Amazon? a kids toy? something for the kitchen? something for yourself? Write a review of a SINGLE item you have bought and are over the moon about. Become a Amazon affiliate if you are not already. place a post on a website.. even your diet one is fine.. just a single page review and place a affiliate link at the bottom of the page to buy said item

    . And THEN hop onto facebook and share the page with your friends. Hey I bought this thing and My son loves it.. or it has cut my time in the kitchen in half.. or after a stressful day this bath bomb is OH so nice, and link to your post.

    In this scenario.. you have an audience ( people with like interests ) which gives you traffic.. and because you are referring something specific YOUR word matters to these people because they TRUST you.. and it is likely some may buy the product.

    For a beginner... I have started in the last 6 month suggesting selling one item and one item only Scale the whole process down to the MICRO and once you get the hang of it, THEN scale it back up.

    Hope that Helps!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Pick something and stick with it.

    You mentioned that you started a weight loss site. You can start with this and put more focus into it. People are always looking to lose weight so you already know there is demand for this niche.

    Build up your site with regular blog posts and a good amount of content. Do keyword research so you know what keywords to target and what to write about.
    Keep posting on a regular basis.

    Build backlinks to your site so your site starts ranking in the search engines.

    Have an opt in form on your site so you can capture leads and email your customers offers. You mentioned that an autoresponder is expensive but most of them start at around $20 or so a month.

    If you stick with this long term, you should see positive results.
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