I want to do cpa and i have no money,help

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Ok guys,hi there

Im living in eastern europe and im young. I currently dont have any income and its hard for me to get any money. I live in very tiny village. Can you help me with cpa marketing? If i only could earn 5 dollars a day,i would be happiest man in the world. That's about 3-5 leads a day. There's so many people that are good at this. The problem is,they dont want to share their methods,they dont want to say the main things important...
I started an instagram page related to phone giveaways. so far,i have 950 followers. I request emails from people,then i send them emails with offers links. I have an account on cpalead,but i dont like them at all. Im also on adwork media,there i have earned 7 dollars. And im waiting for an cpagrip approval right now. Im also on mgcash from last night. I mainy focus on US offers,because they convert to about 1,4 to 1,8$. But its very hard for me to get people from there doing offers. I have a problem on instagram page,there's too many people from india,malasya,indonesia and african countries. and converts from those countries are too bad,like 0,14$. Sometimes i also use instagram chat to send offer links to peple. is this allright or not?
further more,people recommended me to get a site. i have made some pages on leadsanity and weebly. but those are not sites,those are not domains. they mean almost nothing to me,since there's no any visitors,unless i send a page link to people from instagram. can someone help me to get more followers. or even better,give me some other methods. feel free to send me a messages.

please help and thank you
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    Well my friend i have the solution for you but its not easy . just choose some methods on forums about cpa serach here ,blackhat forum etc . Then promise me that you will work at least 8 hours per day with your methods .But working means you real work like creating videos ,blog posts etc .Reading and asking posts on forums its not called work .Do the job for 2 months ,after that if you dont make $5 pasive income ,come here and call me the mmost idiot person in the world .The problem its that people want to work 1 hour per day and to make a lot of money
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    If you are ready to do hard working I can give you a working plan for you.

    1- Create Facebook pages in different categories and publish 5-10 related post on regular basis on schedule. (Use Buffer for scheduling your posts. with the free account can manage 3 pages). Use free social signal platforms like Youlikehits, addmefast, linkcolider etc to increase followers and post engagement. Slowly and gradually you will have a good audience and this is the time you can make money.

    2- Create a YouTube channel and work hard to create quality review videos and give affiliate links in the video description. Do social sharing and backlinking for creating the authority. (Can use social signal networks too)

    If you work on both models in a proper way I am 1000% sure you will make a good online income.
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    YouTube works like a charm for CPA offers, But you have to grow a channel around the niche you are targeting.
    of course it will take you lots of time and efforts to get it to the point to deliver but its worth.
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  • thank you all.
    my brain is now working very bad,because i was doing last 5-6 days that stupid cpa sh*t for like 10 hours a day and i do not feel good i will get sickk from this my head will explode and r.i.p.

    more answers please i will read them tomorrow
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    I think many of the above posters have given some good advice. I'd also recommend starting with either Facebook pages or YouTube and create tons of content. It will take time but if the content is good then your following should grow.
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    I also want how. To start no idea
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  • If your a newbie cpa's can be hard to market what I recommend to my friends who just starting is to get paid for clicking on ads not huge money but can make $25-$30 per hr

    Get FREE access to 18 Video Tutorials about the best ways to Market on FB
    Join my Free Online Marketing Training Group to access the video tutorials

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    • no. no and no. clicksites are scam and soooo low money taking mooonths to earn 10 bucks
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      Originally Posted by Paul Polkinghorne View Post

      If your a newbie cpa's can be hard to market what I recommend to my friends who just starting is to get paid for clicking on ads not huge money but can make $25-$30 per hr
      could you please mention the ads? thamks
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    IF you can do some individual youtube videos that are characterised with your personal setting they can generate interest quickly in your offers.
    Personal and individual settings will always get interest anf traffic. Make sure to do good thumbnails and try and copy good titles for the video that seem to get the most traffic. Include in your description access to your CPA offers.
    You can study other videos in the same niche and work out what will generate traffic in terms of content. You will be able to link that to your CPA offers in subtle ways and you will get FREE traffic that way.
    No cost for posting and free traffic.
    Best wishes
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    Can Facebook bring good results on a CPA campaign? Looking for guidance on how to set it up. Any experts out there?
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      Originally Posted by fredm View Post

      Can Facebook bring good results on a CPA campaign? Looking for guidance on how to set it up. Any experts out there?
      I believe they can give good CPA results with the right ad material and targeting.

      However, fb needs a lot more testing and experience as it can get tricky at times, especially when right now we have to consider the relevance score and the likes.

      However if you are talking about organic results I think google and Instagram would be the better option.

      *I might be wrong on this since, and would love to hear about other's opinions."
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