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HI all,

I'm stopping myself from completely a simple task for somebody who knows what they are doing.

This year I want to make a lot of courses and course content.

My audience likes videos to follow along to.

The videos, until I build a team will have to be me in front of a "camera" recording myself.

My cash budget is very limited i.e. to maybe an iPhone/IPad or photo camera - they seem to be the way to go.

I'm just not recording myself.

How can I record a lot of content quickly, edit it and then package it for a variety of courses?

Many of the courses could have a lot of repeatable content.

I don't know how to record 'successfully', or edit it.

Packaging the course, I think I might have down. Although this time I've have to write up my own sales letter web page.

I've done several eBooks before and recorded audio and had it transcribed to create a course.

Yet, any pointers there would be good too.


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    Why not do screen capture videos?

    I personally dislike "talking head" videos. I'd rather see "pictures" while you talk.

    SC software is cheap.

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      Thanks, but I'll be demonstrating a technique, rather than given a run of the mill presentation or lecture.
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    why are you making this so hard? People like Casey Niestat and Peter McKinna use iphones when they have to.. there is no shame in the equipment you use.

    You want to pay attention to your background and lighting... you can hit youtube and watch some videos on that.

    Editing video Get what you can afford. I personally use Premier Pro but nothing is saying you have to. You will get results no matter what you use.

    Which brings us to actually doing the work.. you can read all you want about this stuff, but the reality is EXPIRIENCE is going to be your best guide. None of this stuff is hard, but there is a learning curve. Just because you shoot and edit a video does not mean you have to use it.. there comes a point when good and done comes into play vs the wasted trek for perfection.

    Just get started and go from there.
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      savidge4 - thanks that what's I wanted to hear. Making this way more difficult than I need to.

      YouTube - on it.

      Getting the work done - That's all I need to do. Get it out their first.
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    As others have said, the key is just to do it, make mistakes, learn how to overcome those mistakes and get better. Pretty much the same process for everything in life.

    In this day and age, it's not like you have to spend a bunch of money wasting film as you learn and grow; digital video has made that process free. There's tons of free video editing software available that should work just fine for you - just Google it and try them until you find something that you like.

    As savidge4 pointed out, one of the things you will have to experiment with until you get it right is lighting. Another is audio sound quality (sorry, but you might have to invest a little bit in a decent microphone). Figure out what works and what doesn't. Try new things. Learn by doing.
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    Brent is right! i think that will be the fast and easy way
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    You need to concept your video recording first. You need to have your own story board. So, you will know what to record in the same day, in the same location, and such thing like that that will save you time. Video is like a book with pages. You need to record page by page of short story in a manner to save you time and cost of recording (if you ever need to pay for location for example). And then you just need to combine all pages (video recordings) in to a book (complete story) that make sense to your audience. Here you'll just need to edit all chunks of your recording. Just cut/trim and combine. So you need to record your video correctly in one go for each page. If you make mistake, just keep continue and say sorry and make direct correction. So you don't need to record the same video again and again to make it perfect. Don't do that! Sometime people love to watch reality when you say something wrong in your video and then make correction.
    Just make sure you have good or at least enough light to be recorded with your smartphone.
    Another simple trick is by using a cheap magnifier for your phone.
    You can learn more from Youtube about how to make great video using just a smartphone.
    Just sharing what I know. Good luck!

    I'm learning to draw again ...
    I want to sell my drawing later on!
    Wish me luck, okay?!

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