Confused about how to select topics to write on my blog :( Can you share your strategy?

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Today I really got frustrated selecting an topic to write on my blog since I cover about making wealth(Online entrepreneurship) and improving our health to be an entrepreneur(Exercising, good food, meditation etc) and also how to enjoy life once we become an entrepreneur(Lifestyle - Cars and stuffs) Usually I write a blog every week about one of these things.

1, Is it okay to write about these topics because I have heard that it is better to stick to a small niche but I find that people quite often are looking for health and wealth and creating an amazing lifestyle since they are important for happiness this is why I selected this theme

After selecting a theme-health, wealth or lifestyle (I usually select one every week), I try to find what to write regarding my selected theme(health, wealth or lifestyle). I usually go to reddit to find very popular posts to find inspiration because from another course, I had learned that it is better to re-create good articles.

2, Is it good to find topics from top posts for last year - popular subreddit
Now I selected this method because I thought these posts are famous among people so if I can relate the ideas their with my theme, it would be famous and amazing.

After selecting a topic like this, which in itself is actually pretty confusing (Sometimes I waste a lot of time doing this), I type one of the main keywords in UberSuggest to find some low competition keywords and according to ubersuggest, I write three low competition keywords and check the top 1 post in SERP for that low competition keyword, which ubersuggest shows me.

I research that top 1 article and make it better.

3, At this point, I am wondering if there is any point in keyword research because we will be writing our article based on these low competitive keywords, not what we actually wish to write.

I mean, this is pretty much working but in my mind, I wonder if I am doing right or wrong every time I do this because I don't see much views in my blog even if its 7 months old.I am probably getting 20 views a day from many sources and 2 or 3 views from google.

4, Also should we write articles based from a sellers point of view? (That is should we write reviews of products rather than blogs like "How to" posts?)

My main question is

How should bloggers select an article to write on our blog?If you can give a step by step method, it would not just stop working being confused.
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    Hi Liam, Interesting questions. My first thought is that you are trying to do an awful lot with one blog - though I understand you point about them being interrelated.

    I'd suggest you focus on one of the aspects and bring in the others as more minor points to your blog. That way you can build up a following in one niche (which I'd think might help increase your views), but it's well rounded and interesting enough to make you stand out from the competition.

    Also, a review blog is a totally different thing - seems like you were more interested in sicking with the lifestyle aspect, so I wouldn't worry about trying to incorporate that. Keeping it focused should help it's success.

    You're ideas for coming up with blog ideas seems sound to me - I'd more look at the direction you want it to go in.
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    3, At this point, I am wondering if there is any point in keyword research because we will be writing our article based on these low competitive keywords, not what we actually wish to write.
    If the goal is writing what you "wish" to write then do that. If it's making money then focus on a single market.

    If you really want to make money then forget about "blogging" and learn about sales funnels.

    Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
    All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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  • I agree with the other replies that weighed in, it seems like you need to distill exactly what it is that you want out of your blog and where to take it.

    Sounds like with the success blog posts your not really too worried about making money of the blog rather than getting your message in front of more people no?

    If its SEO that you want to gain I'm personally following the strategy that Nat Eliason details in his personal blog (which btw his personal blog talks about everything from IM to sex to philosophy to productivity and ranks on Google for many keywords unrelated to each other).

    Here's the strategy I'm following to come up with content ideas for my site so maybe it'll be helpful in giving you some clarity in direction:

    Good luck man
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      Have to say this is a very interesting article by Nat Eliason. I especially like the ideas of where to promote your article once you have posted it to your website...
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    you have to keep in mind that what you are doing in terms of writing for a blog is called content marketing. I am not saying what you are doing is "Wrong" because there is no such thing.. but if one week you are writing about Health, and the next about wealth, you have no context between articles. And as a whole your overall content probably does not have context.

    Context is really important not only for search engines and the like, but your READERS. If you write a blog about say how drinking coffee is good for you... people that will click and read that are interested in what? Coffee more than likely right? they want to justify how their coffee is actually good for them....

    Once they read down through your article and I will presume you have links to other posts.. but none of those will be about coffee.. why is the person there? Coffee. what else does your blog have to offer? nothing.

    A suggestion. Keep writing your Primary article every week... I would write one for Health and one for wealth every week myself.. but its your blog... So 1 Article a week and using coffee again as an example. you want to write some 4 or 5 smaller articles. Top 10 coffees of the world. 5 top coffees ranks on caffeine level. best coffee mugs difference between light medium and dark coffee roasts etc etc.

    This does more than a few things for you... #1 it gives you a block off content with context. #2 it gives you an opportunity to provide product affiliate linking and #3 it SHOULD give you an opportunity to have content to use across many platforms.

    And what do I mean by many platforms? If this is something you WANT, you need to go a step beyond just writing.. take photos, create info graphics, incorporate structured data.

    The point is this.. an article a week that you sit down and bang out in 2 hours and get stressed over it, is simply not enough. My personal blogs that I care about.. ( notice I said BLOG(S) ) I pump a piece of content a day if not more. If you sleep for 8 hours, and you work for 8 hours, what are you doing with the other 8 hours to make this a success?

    Minimal effort creates minimal results. and THAT is the cold hard truth. you are receiving what you have given out.

    Its 2019 bro.. step up and do something for yourself, and put in the work.

    Best of luck!
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Originally Posted by Liam Jose View Post

    3, At this point, I am wondering if there is any point in keyword research because we will be writing our article based on these low competitive keywords, not what we actually wish to write.
    There is nothing saying you cant write about what you want... but in terms of the low fruit strategy in order to get pages with position in Google, that in turn increase your ability to get terms with more competition to rank based on your site score.. target the low comp terms 3 or 4 posts, and then throw in a term or 2 you WANT to be writing about.

    The idea here is to keep all of this in context to one another to help build your Authority. And its not just for the sake of google.. Its for the sake of your readers as well.. in the end it will give you a well rounded platform of content.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Stop thinking so much and just write if you think so much you lose precious time .the much content you have the better as you target more keywords and automaticaly more people and it help also with search engine .But please be sure the content you write to be original and to help people to solve their problems
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    I think if you are a blogger, keyword research would be more fruitful. First of all, do keyword research according to your niche, then select the topic. Looks like a stupid answer?
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    Originally Posted by Liam Jose View Post

    My main question is

    How should bloggers select an article to write on our blog?If you can give a step by step method, it would not just stop working being confused.
    Step ONE: VISIT the site: Google. Search for yearly holidays. You'll see several sites, and you'll see dozens of little known holidays. I like the list at

    April 22 is EARTH DAY. So, STEP TWO. About a week, or 10 days before the holiday, you write a blog post with that in the title.

    How to start better health on Earth Day. Or 11 ways to make money on Parent's day.

    Now note google. Hard not to, eh? Everyday one of their clever artists puts up a google which is relevant to the day. The NEWS likes to cover these days. Because the traffic and searches for say Earth Day has a very short window of attention.

    By having your blog posts ready to go, and sprinkle the holiday throughout the post, and with a bit of creative thinking, you make the subject matter relevant to your readers.

    Who perfected this? Astrologers who had syndicated columns in newspaper decades before there was an Internet. And at any given day, they had the IF YOU WERE BORN THIS DAY...then blah, blah, blah. But at one time it was the most read column in all the newspapers collectively.

    Publicists use this holiday schedule too, to book their clients. If you represent a leprechaun it might be too late to get him on the TONIGHT show. However, if you represent a leprechaun, you could always steal his gold, or have Peter Dinklage play the part in GAME OF LEPRECHAUNS. A sure winner.

    USE current events PLUS recurring every year events as topics in your blog posts.

    STEP 3, 4, 5, 6 AND 7. Write every day, post often.

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