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Hey guys. I am a new to this forum and want to ask a question to those who might've wondered this same thing at a point in their career.

I do web design and Seo. I've spent the majority of my time prospecting clients, calling them, emailing them, and repeat. I feel like I am stuck in this process.

My question is, do you think this is the most effective way to use seo skills? I want to move forward and see real results but instead, I deal with "wishy washy" prospects who constantly "needs to think about it" or "will get back to me" and never do. I follow up and offer free helpful tips and tricks and still the same result.

I've considered trying a new way to use seo other than local seo because of this. Maybe my people skills aren't as great as they can be or maybe theirs a more effective way to use seo for introverts.

Any ideas? Has anyone faced this dilemma?

thank you
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    theirs a more effective way to use seo for introverts.
    Use it for your own sites.

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  • Apply the SEO skills on your own affiliate offers or blog first and then post the results on the social media. People will definitely attract to you if your results are good.
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    I have this Mantra I guess you would call it... If you are going to sell it, you should already be doing it for yourself, and being successful in doing it.

    In the world of the internet. there are basically 3 kinds of sites. 1) One that attracts leads. 2) E-Commerce. 3) information based sites.

    An e-commerce based site can be an affiliate site. I actually break this into 2 categories... A local targeted commerce site, and then a more general targeted one. An example would be a pair of site that sells "generators" One is targeting local specific traffic, the other is more general in target. Basically the 2 types of customer bases you would be dealing with in a Web Design / SEO business.

    Next there is a lead gen site.. I think general practice is to create a site for your own business and learn to generate leads for YOUR business. Another avenue is to create leads for affiliate offers with this. I believe if you look up WF member Tom Addams he has a course on doing this.

    Last is an information site... kinda 2 directions to go with this.. A site about your community... places of interest etc. Opens up the opportunity to place yourself in front of Influencers local to you. IE food critics or govt officials or what ever. Can be a tool to increase YOUR circle of influence. the other model is a local based directory site. Very much the same as the first option, just has a touch more potential for actually earning something.

    Build these out... and sure you are going to make some income.. we hope.. as in you do this for a living with the expectations of creating positive cash flow for your clients. The Upside of all this work..

    #1 you have proven successful models.

    #2 you can create case studies around each of these and what was developed and how success was obtained

    #3 increase in circle of influence usually turns around to create work for your primary business.

    #4 Your directory actually becomes a local based citation source, that you have free access to

    #5 Your business can use all of these properties as that you hope most local folks have seen as samples of work

    #6 Make an effort to brand all of these properties correctly and potential clients will be calling you, and not the other way around

    #7 by building these properties you will obviously be playing "Service provider" but at the same time you will be wearing the shoes of the cient. you will better understand the expectations and needs of your clients after doing this. This process changed my business from "providing services" to "providing results" and those are 2 very different things.

    I think EVERY "Service Provider" should be taking on these side projects not only to learn from, but understanding how to profit from them. In the end when you are dealing with clients, you will KNOW what their pains are, and how to communicate to them. This also equips you with KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE on a first hand level, which ultimately translates to LEVERAGE.
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    Very grateful for this, Thank you!
    I have a question about the directory. I'd like to try this out.
    If i make the directory a subdomain of my agency website, will that affect seo?
    (ex :

    I'd like my agency to be affiliated with the local directory website.
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      Originally Posted by Sureexpansion View Post

      Very grateful for this, Thank you!
      I have a question about the directory. I'd like to try this out.
      If i make the directory a subdomain of my agency website, will that affect seo?
      (ex :

      I'd like my agency to be affiliated with the local directory website.
      Technically speaking.... directory.domain is not going to be an advantage when looking at SEO, vs having domain/directory.

      I totally understand the need for affiliation with your agency.. thats why suggestion #6 is about putting in some effort towards BRAND.

      A good place to start on most of these property types would be the about us page. In particular the Info site and Directory site, you can make it a feel good thing about sharing your love for the community. You can also use the opportunity to proposition guest post by local community members - free content that opens your site circle of influence is always a good thing.
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        woah, great idea..
        So basically, use the about us page of my agency to show love for the community?
        Then use this to promote the directory and guest posts?

        Also, for branding. You mean putting my face on the site or just showing some form of value the company stands for?
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    Have you tried screen casting a video to a potential client? You should actually show them what is wrong with their site, why others are doing better and how YOU can make theirs be number one. Paint a picture for them of how much their business will grow by just being ranked higher in google. That might help your conversion rate.
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    If your people skills aren't that great and you are having a tough time selling SEO to clients, you might want to just use your SEO skills for your own blog.

    Create a blog that promotes affiliate offers and use your SEO skills to rank your blog for great keywords in the search engines.

    If you don't want to promote affiliate offers, you can also create your own SEO courses and promote them on your blog.

    Also, include your SEO services on your blog.

    Put up great content about SEO on your blog posts.

    This way people will run searches on Google for SEO services, come across your blog, notice your skills, and you will get inbound leads.
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    savidge4 thanks for the info
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