Use an old site or start a new one?

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Hi there, I am having an issue is that I used to sell clothes and now I want to sell electronics. Is it ok that I open a new site for electronics site? or I can just take off all the items from the clothese site and upload electronics so I can use the same webiste?

Clothes site is opened 3 years already and have some outbound links.

Anyone, please help, thank you!.
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    Well i think you should start creating another category in your website with electronics .because old website are always seen better by search engine and you could also get some traffic to your clothes items
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    If your old site is established and has a good online reputation, I would use that domain.

    On the other hand, if you did anything shady with that domain, such as buy a bunch of cheap links, and it somehow got penalized by mother Google, you should start over with a new domain. Just my two cents.
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    Unless you've done a lot with the clothing business, it seems like it would be fine to just use the site you've got.
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    Are you still going to sell clothes? If not, then yes, use the site because of the backlinks and domain authority.
    If yes, then I suggest you make a category "Electronics" and when clicked, it redirects to the new site. This way your new site will have a great do-follow link from a strong domain and you'll get extra visitors from the old site.
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    It also depends on the domain name - at least as far as actual users are concerned. If your old site was and you are now selling electronics, real people would have a problem with that probably. If the old site was, sure, go for it.
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    You can start a new category on your previous website which I think is the best thing. As a new website will need more investments and you need to do SEO for your new website which is an Expensive idea. So starting a new category in your previous website will gives you a fair advantage of authority and brand name.
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    This is going to depend on how you branded your first domain and if there is any reference made to "clothes".

    If it is a more generic domain, you can always add a new category on your site for electronics.
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    If your current domain is generic enough and working well then just use it. If not then start a new one.
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    Use old one, if you have no "clothes" or something similar in your domain name
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    First of all what I have found in case of the stores where you are selling electronic items, clothes or anything most of the traffic comes from paid ads.

    so you do not need to worry about that you can also start the new electronics website on the same website by removing the clothes.

    but if you have the name of your website that is compatible like a general niche means where you can sell anything whether its electronics, grocery, clothes etc then you do not need to worry about that you can also have both clothes and electronics.

    but if your website name and your domain name is totally different from electronics point of view then you need to start a new website with a new domain and with a new brand name.
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