What is the best way to monetize my rapidly growing Facebook page?

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I started a Facebook page in October 2018, and I recently passed 650k followers. It is an entertainment page, with unusual and funny images (such as memes). The catch is, they are all 3D content that I make myself. Early last year Facebook launched the ability to post interactive 3D models, and late last year they added the ability to post 3D photos. All of my posts are of this nature. They get great engagement; my most successful post to date has over 1.1 million shares.

I've started working on a website to drive traffic to, but since all my posts require specialized embedding to be viewed, all I can really do is embed the Facebook iframe in my blog post. I have done some work to create my own javascript-based viewer, but that will take some time to complete.

Is this the best bet to monetize? If so, should I post more content on the website and only upload some of them to Facebook, so that there is a compelling reason for visitors to go to my website? What other methods should I try to monetize my fan base?
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    Congratulations on creating such a popular Facebook page!

    You have not said what the topic of the 3D photos is.

    You could advertise something that is related to the 3D photos as an affiliate.

    For instance, if your 3D photos are of cities or landscapes you could possibly join as an affiliate of a holiday company.

    If they are of plants you could become an affiliate of a gardening items.

    Commission Junction is a company that hosts hundreds of different types of goods that you can promote as an affiliate without stocking anything yourself - you make commissions on any sales or when someone clicks on a link.

    You could also join Google Adsense and receive commission when anyone clicks on an advert.

    I am sure either of these two options would help you make some good commissions

    Best Regards
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      Thanks for your reply. My page doesn't have a niche or topic other than entertainment/memes.
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    Originally Posted by Justin Powell View Post

    I have done some work to create my own javascript-based viewer, but that will take some time to complete.
    Develop a wordpress plugin to do this.. and it would be GAME ON
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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      Are you suggesting I sell a plugin that would allow other site owners to post 3D stuff outside of Facebook?
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    If the content is made by you, then you have the rights to it, am I right?
    You said you're making 3D memes or something? Put them on t-shirts with Printful and promote them on your page. You don't need to invest anything in inventory. Printful takes care of that, you just create the design.
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      Clarification: I create the 3D version of the content. Oftentimes it is based on images that others have made or taken, but not always.
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    Contests - Autoresponders - Webinars - Sell "Shoutouts" - The possibilities are endless
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      I'm not familiar with monetizing via contest, how does that work?
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    You have a huge Facebook page.

    and you know there is a ton of money in that page.

    so the easiest and the best method to monetize your page is start doing affiliate marketing.

    if you don't know what affiliate marketing is it is simply promoting other people's products in return for a Commission.

    So in whichever field you have the photos start promoting products related to that field.

    for example if your photos are about the cars.

    then you can start promoting a product that will help people to earn money and there after they can get that car.

    you can also do one thing because you are creating the 3D photos maybe a lot of people are interested in creating that kind of photos.

    so you Can also recommend them a course that can teach them how to create 3D photos like that.

    and also you can make them aware about the software that can help them to easily create those kind of 3D photos.

    so in this way you will be able to recommend them the related products and you be able to make money with that Huge page.
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      Thanks. Unfortunately my images are diverse and not really about a particular product category.
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    Two ways that many use are amazon and send the visitors to a website with ads
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      I'm in the process of setting up my external website. I'm guessing that I'll need more content on the site than I have on my Facebook page? Otherwise there is no reason for a follower to leave Facebook.
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    I would love to see your facebook page. Can you give me the link if you don't mind?
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    If it is a business Page, then sell them the product that they have followed the page for.

    If it is not a business page, then here is how:

    Is there something that the majority of the followers have in common? They must have followed the page for a reason, so find that reason (this is the most important stage)

    Create a MailChimp account. Create a new list and link your MC to the Facebook page.

    Add a newsletter sign up form from MailChimp into your Facebook page.
    Create a few posts offering an incentive to your followers to sign up using the form, incentivise them with something based around the reason they followed the page
    If you did this correctly, out of the 250,000 followers you should at least get 50,000 sign ups.

    Now you have their emails, use MailChimp campaigns to capture their attention. As mentioned previously, everyone who follows something on Facebook has some sort of emotional relationship with that thing (ie you follow a page on Harry Potter because you love Harry Potter, or you want an Aston Martin so you follow their page), connect with your subscribers emotionally.

    Use this emotional tie to sell them something. It is important to only sell products directly related to their emotional connection with the page (don't try an sell a Harry Potter fanbase Aston Martins). This is where you make your money.
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      Based on your reply and others, it seems the main thing I need to figure out is what on average my followers have in common...which is tricky on my page since it's not a focused niche. (Well, the focus is more on the delivery method than the content subject.)

      Thanks for your reply.
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    hey justin, you can learn about Facebook instant article, i guaranty if you did it you will make big benefits
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      Thanks for your input. I have in fact been looking into using Instant Articles, but Facebook has deemed my site too small (not enough traffic) to be worthy.

      Do you have any ideas on what I need to do to get Facebook to accept my site?
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    You have to do both. Everytime you post on your website, you also have to do it on your facebook page. However, Facebook does not allow advertising in organic posts. So you need to do it through Facebook ads, and it is not that expensive to do that.

    Lead your facebook audience offsite, to your own website through your boosted posts or ads. Once your audience have left Facebook and landed on your website, you have all the power and flexibility of SEO and conversion rate optimization to use.

    Another option is to run a store directly on facebook if you are selling products or services.
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