What are some legitamate, not scamming, paid traffic sites?

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I am very new, been wanting to do affiliate marketing for a long time. I have been watching videos, and this guy im watching suggested two that were BAD and GONE. So i thought I'd reach out here.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Take care, and have an amazing day!
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    What do you mean by

    paid traffic sites?

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    If you are looking to purchase paid advertising, you can go with Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube.

    Stick with the reputable sites if you want to buy ads and drive traffic.
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    There is quite some level of preparation needed to be done to get the right traffic sources and the right traffic for affiliate marketing. This will eliminate your chances of getting scammed most likely.

    The first thing you need to understand before going for traffic is to know what niche you are into as an affiliate. For example if you are going into the fitness niche, then you can focus on the next step which is to identify two things.

    1. Where are your target audience
    2. What are their needs.

    Once you have figured that out, you are on the right track in identifying what is the right traffic sources you can invest into are.

    Then you just simply need to find out where your Target audience is on the internet. If such communities or platforms offer paid Advertising then that is the best place to start with.

    Although there are just always a lot of traffic sources out there most marketers use social media because there are almost any form of target audience there and the social media has the number so that business can scale up.

    So my advice is to try out the following traffic sources because they are legit and most likely your target audience will be there, it will all depend on your marketing ability and strategies to get results.

    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. YouTube
    4. Instagram

    Because I don't really know what your niche is so I can't really specify what legit traffic source you can go for as you are about to start affiliate marketing.

    But try out my suggestions I think you will be just fine.

    Although there are traffic source i advice you stay away from

    Traffic Exchange sites like

    Because they use boys and fake clicks.

    One other very effective way to identify scam traffic source is be simply search for the traffic site reviews online.

    For example you can search for adf.ly reviews on the Google search engine and you will see what the that have used their traffic say about it.

    I hope his helps.
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      Hi I am in the woodworking niche, thank you for the information. All input appreciated if you have any ideas.

      Im glad to know which are safe to use!
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        so i am promoting a service that provides plans and advice and such...
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    Google ads, facebook ads, bing ads are paid one and these are totally legit for sure.
    But if you just starting out, maybe best would be to start with free traffic sources such as youtube, instagram, forum posting, blogging?

    This way you will start seeing some traffic comming in, maybe some sales before diving into paid traffic.
    DFY(Done-For-You) Service. Building A $3k/Month Biz From Scratch.

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      That's great advice thank you so much. Um what is forum posting? please?

      Take care,

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    Are you talking about "all done for you" or "set it and forget it" type of sites?

    I've tried a few of those that actually worked for the first couple months, before inevitably fizzling out shortly thereafter. I can't remember the name of the two I tried a few years back, but it was good while it lasted.

    I think it was some sort of traffic site run by ex google and yahoo programmers.
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    As Other people have already stated that Google ads Facebook ads YouTube ads are good.

    There are some also other websites from where you can buy traffic for example for Solo ads you can go with udemy or Igor solo ads.

    you can also use buy sell ads website It's one of the most known website in the industry.

    and you can also use Instagram LinkedIn twitter ads what ever works for you.

    find out where your competitors are running ads and do the same.
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      Thank you! um how could i find out where my competitors are running ads, please? Newbie, you know. I really really appreciate your advice!
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    Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Reddit Ads, Craigslist, Backpage, Quora Ads.
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    I use Facebook Ads. It's the number one source for paid traffic nowadays. Go on youtube and search on how to create Facebook Ads to get an idea on how to start.
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