I have a dream, but don't know how to reach it - Looking for advice

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Greetings everyone!

I'm 20 years old and I'm studying computer science. I dream about creating my own business and not necessarily with my upcoming degree My goal is not to become rich or fame, but to work on my own terms and have something I can call my own. I want to be able to travel the world, and sponsor charity organizations and businesses whose goal is to help the environment and the animals.

I have been trying to come up with ideas for a business for a few months, but I don't have any ideas, and I'm looking for advice how to get one. I keep asking myself the questions: "How can I improve this?" "Do I, my family or friends, have a problem that needs a solution?".

I have created a list with my passions, a list with things I dislike and why I want to achieve my goal.

Here is my list with my passions in order of priority :
  1. Self-improvement / Optimizing my life
    - Including: Meditation techniques, working out (calisthenics and bodybuilding), accelerated learning.
  2. Violin (I've only been playing for 2 years, but I practice 1-3 hours a day)
  3. Nutrition
  4. Computer science
  5. Game design, but I have not digged into it, because I prioritize the other things higher

I'm not asking you to hand me an idea, but I'm asking for advice how I can continue my journey, if this is the optimal way of doing it, or what should I focus on?

Thanks for taking your time reading this.
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    You are stuck on how you can actually start your journey.

    so the first step towards starting your journey is a start learning in whichever field you want to build your business.

    and after about a month of learning start taking action.

    even if you are taking little action but do not just stop just keep taking action.

    because the skills required to start an online business can be gained within 1,3 or 6 months it does not require like years.

    so after your going to get some initial knowledge after that start applying that and start doing your business because you are going to learn more while doing then you are just learning.

    so when you are going to start you need to learn how to start that business.

    and when you will achieve some milestones then you need to learn how to actually scale up.

    so in this way you just need to keep on going do not just stop if you are going to fail just try again, try again and you will see huge success.
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  • Its good to dream and have achievable goals, but you should also have a step by step action plan.

    Get yourself a mentor in the field of online business that you want to be successful in. A mentor will help speed up your learning curve, and will give you a step by step action plan to help you emulate their success in online business.
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    Well having a dream its what keep people alive and i like that .But to achive a big dream you must endure a lot ,many succesful people dont ever give up no matter how hard was for them .Start by helping people by delivering content on your platforms .create a yt channel ,blog ,register on forums etc and start creating content eberyday ,learn and become better and better each day work hard and have a lot of patience .For example if you achieve 1000 000 youtube subscribers you cam call yourself a rich man
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    There should be one big reason why you choose to learn a computer science! So, why not stick with it? You can put all of your passions into one thing based on your computer science skills and experiences you will have a long the way. Get an idea to create something simple with your computer science to optimize people life and yours as well. STOP the brainstorming! Do not think to improve or to diversify your main idea. Just stick with it as simple as it could be! Make it real first then you can continue from there when you see the first profit. Good luck!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    My two cents:

    First look into building a semi-automated business that could take you up to 4 hours of work every day to maintain and wouldn't drain your energy too much.

    When you have stable income coming in, you can then start chasing your passion and building a real business that you would be proud of.

    In my experience, trying to build a real business and going to a 9-5 job at the same time is extremely difficult, and it's easy to lose motivation to continue.

    If you had a small online business established and income coming in, you would have enough capital and time to pursue what you really want.

    Keep in mind I'm not an expert lol and that's exactly what I'm trying to do right now myself.
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    It is all about persistence and mindset, get your mind right and success will come. You will most likely fail at some aspect of IM when you start. It will take time to master something and to pick the right niche for yourself.
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    Having dreams and goals is important. When my car was totaled by a hit and run by a guy with no insurance(I had liability), forked out thousands of dollars for college, and just watched my account drain, so I decided to build a website for affiliate marketing. All of this happened to me within the last 2 months, but building a website was the best decision in my life. I don't know if my website will be successful, but I work every day on it like my life depended on it(kind of does). Maybe this might spark some ideas and I wish you good luck on your business adventure.
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    I would start with Youtube.

    Find there are type in "best businesses to start online in 2019" or "make money online". Watch like 2-5 videos and see which of those opportunities you like.

    Then narrow it down and, for example, if you decided to do affiliate marketing search on Youtube " how to do affiliate marketing for beginners"

    Then find someone who you resonate with who has real results and makes REAL money (not just talking about "how to make money online" while having $10 in the bank account)

    Then I would watch their videos, take notes and start executing. (Good)
    or I would buy their course/mentorship and start executing. (Better)

    But remember, there is no way to make money fast. If you want to make money fast then get a job and have fixed wage so you're sure you get paid

    In the online world you put weeks/months/years of work to build assets that will pay years to come!

    Hopefully that helps
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    It's a good thing when you don't know "at the moment" because then your brain starts to work and look for solutions. If there is something you have questions then youtube and forums is a good place to start.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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    Originally Posted by Gulogomi View Post

    Here is my list with my passions in order of priority :
    1. Self-improvement / Optimizing my life
      - Including: Meditation techniques, working out (calisthenics and bodybuilding), accelerated learning.
    2. Violin (I've only been playing for 2 years, but I practice 1-3 hours a day)
    3. Nutrition
    4. Computer science
    5. Game design, but I have not digged into it, because I prioritize the other things higher

    I'm not asking you to hand me an idea, but I'm asking for advice how I can continue my journey, if this is the optimal way of doing it, or what should I focus on?.
    Outside looking in.. im going to suggest #5 or well let me correct that a big OR none of the above.

    You have listed your "Passions" BUT your not visualizing any of those to fullfill your dreams... if you did you would not have posted the question to begin with.

    If you REALLY get down to it.. most of your passions you have listed.. are LIFESTYLE they are not passions.. they simply make a better you Meditation, working out, and nutrition

    I mean HEALTH is the greatest gift you can wish apon anyone, and you have enough self awareness to create that for yourself. Im not saying that is the gift you need to share with the world.. and again if it were that easy, you would not be here asking the question.

    So the question becomes.. how do you take that self awareness and share it... how do you pass the humility and quietness you posses? do you really want to solve problems? and I would say no.. because #4 and #5 do exactly that.. so problem solving is not a "Passion" BUT searching within and coming to peace with ones self is.

    Again from the outside looking in... you are "looking" in the exact opposite direction you need to be.. and with that.. should be your answer.

    Best of Luck
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Your description speaks to finding your brand identity. I suggest you begin studying keyword structure. Your "List of Passions" has a goldmine of "Keywords & Niches" you can search online. Research these 'niche categories' described in your keywords. Familiarize yourself with Search Engine Optimization of your passion keyword list. Now research your "List of Passions" and familiarize yourself with the opportunities. Now you can prioritize the most beneficial of your passions, but start with one. Remember to research your keywords in the browser. Everything else will make sense with training. Your "Brand" will resonate with your passion during research.
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    Go get a job.

    Find out the problems they're facing on a day to day basis, or find out stuff they're doing that's wildly inefficient.

    Make a tool to automate things.

    Put a version 0.1 of it online and see if there is interest in it.

    I made a stack of cash doing exactly this back in 2002.
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    Firstly you are confused with what to do and what not to do. Try to relax your mind and then see what are your own interests and wishes. Don't listen to others as everyone gives different advice. Listen to your self only.
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    Start a You Tube channel regarding your favorite passion or write an ebook sell it on Amazon.
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    There are many different ways how to start making money online. The most popular way currently is affiliate marketing.
    Basically, you earn money from promoting someone else's products. That's my advice
    From your current priorities, I would suggest starting with the one, which you are most passionate about because you can focus more on content than research.
    1. Create a website
    2. Focus on creating content
    3.Optimize your site for Google
    4. Share posts in social media
    5. Get the traffic
    6. Earn commissions
    Once you feel confident in making good content write an ebook.
    This business is simple to run but hard to start because of no income at the beginning. You have to set your mindset for success and believe in what you do. Morning meditation greatly helps to start a day right. If you will be self-disciplined and constant you will make a great income, and you can live on your own terms.
    For more details check how to start affiliate marketing

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  • There are so many different ways to make money online. You really need to spend some time trying to figure out which way you would and enjoy and work best for you.

    Nobody can answer this question for you. If you don't pick one path, you will keep chasing different ways that seem the easiest way to make money.

    You don't have to create something new. You can also just create something better then what is already out there.
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