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Hi Warriors, new here

I have some enormous unique high-quality content over 10,000 words (I guess) that I plan to focus on high yielding but less competitive single keyword (two-word phrase).

What is more advisable to have a single page with multiple subcategories content on the same page OR create one main page with a link to 10 subpages with each category content and interlink all 10+1 pages?

I am not aiming for a quick result, but looking for long-lasting results that deliver a constant flow of unique visitors by using this strategy even after few months or years.

Thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by InternetMarketingMadeEZ View Post

      It is always a good approach to split it into many pages in order to create more interlinking.
      I also agree with this, great chance for internal linking, but also think about the user who will consume your content. Almost no one is going to read 10,000 words. Splitting it up into bite size pieces of content will result in better engagement from your users! Good luck!

      I do some SEO and all that stuff & I go for the Adelaide Crows. Fellow supporters hit me up, or anyone interested in SEO.

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    Thanks a lot for your support, we will go ahead with multiple pages options.

    If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know with your reasoning/experience.
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