I think I can't monetize good traffic

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Hi everyone,

I have a website with free online tools for Powershell users (sysadmins), the main one is gui editor.

From what i've read, I have a good quality traffic:
- 120k monthly pageviews
- 9min average session time
- 26% bounce rate
- 35% returning visitors
- Traffic is mostly from well developed countries, USA, UK and germany are top 3
- Users are mostly IT professionals
- 10k registered users

And I can't monetize it... The site is poshgui.com

I had some small revenue from amazon affiliate program but they keep deleting my account due to lack of oroginal content, as it's a web app not a blog

I'm currently showing CPA banner I think would be relevant for my users, with almost no clicks and no convertions...

I'm not using adsense as I heard in my niche almost everybody will have ad block.

Any advice, as i'm clearlyz doing something wrong?
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    Yes - that traffic does look pretty good. Here are a couple of ideas:

    1. Adsense isn't what it used to be - but don't dismiss it without giving it a try. Probably won't make a fortune - but better than nothing until you find something better. Not everyone uses AdBlock even in a techie niche.

    2. If you have a loyal user base that value what you provide and come back month after month, you could try Patreon.

    3. How about getting someone who wants to reach people with your users' skill set to sponsor your site? Perhaps a specialist jobs website might be interested?

    4. Could you keep your most popular tool free - to attract users - and offer other tools and more advanced versions on a subscription basis?

    5. Offer training courses relevant to your users - either creating your own products or as an affiliate for someone else's courses.

    Just a few ideas - I hope something there sparks an idea to help you monetize your traffic.
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    I think your niche is very narrow (too nerd friendly). The only good way to monetize it would be if you would write a small e-book/course/training module and setup a membership site. Users could get access to your members area for like $5-$10 monthly.
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