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Hey guys,
I am new member here. I want to know about making a professional blog site. How can i create a professional blog. What i need to do for that?
If you know that please help me here.
Thank you.
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  • Well, making a professional blog is no easy task. First off, you have to be a professional in some kind of field to provide valuable content. Basket weaving, knitting, web design - whatever, there's a niche for everything. Then you need a domain name that looks professional, but also short and memorable. Then the website itself - could use WordPress or some other website builder to make something. For a REAL professional look you should buy a premium theme to stand out from the typical free wannabees. For extra professionalism hire a professional web developer to build a custom solution for your website. Once all that is done you can get some PROFESSIONALLY done stock photos for a cheap price at whatever stock photo website you prefer. I almost forgot to mention that once your PROFESSIONAL website is complete you should hire a SEO EXPERT to optimize your website for the content you intend to make. Once that is done you can start writing your content. Ideally you should hire an editor to double check your articles.
    Or you could, like, learn everything yourself right here on warrior forums. Up to you mate. Good luck!
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    If you want to do it by yourself at a reasonable price, I'll suggest you to join envato elements, where you can try many professional blog template, including professional photos/graphics/images/vectors you may need for your blog. The price is very reasonable. And if you ever need help to build your site, you can hire inexpensive web developer from fiverr, people per hour, upworks or to use the resources you will have from envato elements. So you just need people to help you to put the template, not to create it from scratch which will make it expensive. You can ask your assistant and learn from him/her a little with small fee to spend.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    The best way to create your blog is through WordPress. WordPress allows you to create, customize and maintain a website using a user-friendly interface. It also allows you to easily publish your posts just like using Microsoft Word.
    But before you can do that, you would need to buy hosting and domain. Hosting is a service where your website will be hosted or a server/computer that will be used to keep your website running. Domain names are the ones like .org .com .net etc. Look for a unique yet easy to remember name for your website.
    I would suggest using Namecheap as they offer affordable hosting and domain services. Once you have bought a hosting service and a domain name, you can install WordPress and start your way in creating a professional blog. Look for a theme that suits your blog niche or any theme that will give your blog a professional look.
    Content is also very important as it determines the quality of your blog site. Post them regularly and share them in social media and forums, to gain more audience to your blog.
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    You will need a few things to get started.

    Wordpress and a professional looking theme.

    Hosting to host your blog.

    Your niche and exactly what it is that you want to blog about.

    Keyword research so you know what keywords to target.

    SEO or any traffic method to start driving traffic to your blog.
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    Professional Blog should = Professional Content. Fairly simple to setup but what will make your blog is how good the content is.
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    i recently made my website by which is completely free u can also select ur theme whatever u like as a personal ,professional and domain name is free too ,but some criteria is requied u can choose domain will available there .
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    I would look at Wordpress AMP plugins. I've been reading some blogs that use these and they look fabulous on tablets/phones. Also they load really quickly.

    Too many of you people are relying on old technology and your blog is so slow to load I can't be bothered to wait after clicking through the search results.
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    You start where you are, do what you can and move on.
    If you don't know yet what you are doing, you can learn and document that gain trust and then move one step ahead. You don't have to be a big authority. All you have to do is to be big fish in a small pod. Be honest, be real.

    Formula here is mindset+skillset+strategy+tactics..
    When you start there is a learning curve
    * setup blog, email, social media, ads
    * create content and share it
    * Create products
    * Always learn
    * Build relationships

    After this you become better and then you will spend less time doing things, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it fast, you learn to use the right tools and documentation.

    For the professional blog you will need basic things to start, but also to create a lot of content, hire writers and to use premium tools such as secure hosting such as siteground, a premium theme such as divi, premium landing page/funnels solution.

    You can build a beautiful professional site/blog slow and steady, but you have to do it consistently. It is important to post at least once a week and share. This really depends on what resources are available for you and what kind of skillset you already have.
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    how long take time on blog get start to adsens any kind of suggestion for as a new blogger to me so give me thank u
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      I would wait until you have a decent amount of content. AND check to make sure Google is indexing your posts and content (You can do this through the Google Search Console). Google AdSense is going to run a check of your site to see if there is enough content on your site before approving you to run ads on it.

      Nick Nalbach - Learn to Grow and Develop your Business WITH ME at NineFiveToFreedom

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    You can go ahead with WordPress CMS.

    WordPress is the best platform for blogging as well as to build other websites. WordPress has lots of readymade templates that you can use to create the website.

    WordPress has two parts. One is free platform and other is hosted platform is a free version that helps to build the website without spending any amount. But there has certain limitations. Whereas is far better than It helps to secure your account, manage or install any premium themes or plugins to enhance your website.

    For the Hosted version, you need to buy web hosting and domain name.

    If, you are going to create the professional blog for the long run then go with the WordPress hosted version. It will help you in many ways.
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    - invest in your domain and hosting
    - invest in a premium theme
    - practice writing 500 words daily, offline
    - publish 2-3 helpful posts weekly
    - network by helping other bloggers and asking for nothing in return
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    it depends what do you mean in professional blog. I recommend you to create Wordpress blog
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    i think nowadays, is the best way is to back linking and networking between blogs. Because google is full of great content and it is hard to compete on the 1st page
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