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Hi All,

I'd like to reach out for some guidance in the best direction. I have experience within running an online business, web/graphic design, marketing, creating digital products etc.
So far I have done 3 different types of online business and stuck to the same one for the last 6ish years.

I am looking to venture into something different to what I do now and I am considering the following options. However, I do have ADHD. Where most of my struggles relate to struggling to start projects and at times struggling to finish them, a huge struggle where delayed gratification is at hand, I want instant results now (mostly unlikely) and unless something interests me I probably won't do it (Whilst not really even knowing what my interests even are)

I am considering Blogging/Affiliate marketing, not something I have experience with but I have done some fair research. I don't know how well this could work out for someone who's looking for "instant gratification"

I am considering just creating digital products like e-courses / e-books.

I am considering freelancing I have skills and many I want to build on too. I do somewhat like freelancing and I know it's the most instant gratification I will get. However I am not good at dealing with customers on such a one to one basis. I have no tolerance for annoying customers and from past experience there are plenty of those about.

I am very good at generating ideas, hyper-focusing and if interested enough starting a business and really getting it off the ground (just not carrying it further than about 6 months) so I wondered is there even an option out there for me to build up a brand/website and then sell it, does anyone know if this makes good money? Is this worth doing and is there a name for this?

I would be interested to know your opinions as I know this is what you guys do on a day to day basis so you know the ins and outs.

Also interested to hear from any fellow ADHD'ers to find out what you do and how you manage your business and ADHD?
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    I think you can definitely create a little niche/business for yourself. I mentioned in another thread something similar where I think maybe finding a good partner who can take your websites to the next level would be ideal. Or you just build out your websites and sell them on the different marketplaces.
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    100% Kimberly, focus on your mindset/energy. You are awareness, attending to your thoughts and feelings. Meaning the real you observes/watches thoughts/feelings....meaning you *have* ADHD and can choose to *not* have it....because you are watching it all. Deep meditation, deep yin yoga and prayer are some rituals to follow, to expand your awareness. Then you can lessen anxiety, improve focus, and dive into whatever venture you please. I am highly partial to blogging
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    Originally Posted by kimberly91 View Post

    I would be interested to know your opinions as I know this is what you guys do on a day to day basis so you know the ins and outs.
    I would suggest to simply create a platform that allows you to use your strengths and your weakness's

    Create a BRAND " Kimberly91 " start a blog using said brand... Start writing about the long term struggles that someone with ADHD has in the digital marketing world.... Think of it as an online diary. As a whim enters, write about the process share the product ( hopefully with a price tag ) and continue on your journey.

    Think of the blog as a DOCUMENTARY in your process... trust me there is a tribe just waiting to follow this type of content.. and all you have to do is what you are doing write now.. with the added write 3 or 4 posts a week about what you are doing.. how you are feeling etc.

    Basically be the spokesperson for people with ADHD in the Digital marketing world.. If you can do it so can they.
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    Hi Kimberly,

    The last thing I would want to do is to put you off online business - but as you say yourself, instant results are most unlikely.

    You're also right that some sort of freelance work is likely to give you the quickest results.

    A business model that allows you to drive traffic and sales by buying paid advertising can also generate results relatively quickly. That might work with a digital product business like you're suggesting.

    A business that relies on SEO is likely to take quite a long time to build up - so that might not be the most suitable for you.

    Having said that, you say you've stuck to your current business for 6 years. There are a lot of people who don't have ADHD who won't stick at something for that long - so don't sell yourself short.

    You can create and sell websites after a few months - but the problem is that SEO based ones probably won't have many sales by then, so they won't be worth a lot as an established business. An advertising based site making a profit could be worth more.

    I've seen people offer building niche websites as a service on forums like this - you can probably get a few hundred dollars per site if you do them nicely.

    Alternatively, check out marketplaces like or at the higher end Empire Flippers to see what the market is like. You could also buy a site - improve it and flip it a few months later for a profit - plenty of variety there.

    Good luck on your journey, I hope you have great success.
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