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i am an affiliate with an online shop and i post a product ad online and someone from another country saw my post and is now telling my that he has the costumers to buy them and he wants to be a distributor of that product in his country. should i introduce her to the online shop site? if yes, how? and how will i get my commission?. please tell me what to do and the best means to get her the large quantity and get paid
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    I can't get you.. Of course you can get your commission from vendors...
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    The best thing to do would be to contact the product owner and say you have a strong lead from another country who'd like to sell their product there. Then negotiate a fee for putting the two of them in contact with each other. This will not be a commission on sales. Once you put the product owner and the person in the other country in contact with each other, you'll be out of the equation. If you don't do this, then the person in the other country will eventually find out who makes the product and contact them directly and you won't make any money as a middleman.
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