My domain name features "London" where I live but I'm attracting more traffic from United States?

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2 months ago I finished a site for my friend,, which is the name of his company.

This is my first website and I'm very happy with it but I'm getting more traffic coming through from the United States then I am job enquiries from London. Have I set the site up correctly? Will this unwanted traffic still drive my site higher in Googles rankings?

My site is not ranking yet for any search terms as I am only just starting to buy backlinks for the first time. When I type the company name into a Google search it doesn't show up either? Do I have to do something with the domain name?

Your help would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks
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    My guess is that if you aren't seeing the site in Google your traffic is probably bots, hackers, and spammers using automated tools.

    It generally takes more than two months to see organic traffic from search.

    Run this in Google search and you will see that the site is indexed:
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      Thank you John.

      I think it's good old fashioned patience is what I need haha.

      The site has been indexed so it's a matter of waiting.

      Do you know about PBN and speeding up the ranking process?
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    I've never personally used a PBN. They certainly can be effective, but it's also potentially dangerous territory. If you have a lot of links on one network, then they suddenly shut down or Google discovers and de-indexes them, it's a severe blow to your linking efforts. I'm not current on the most effective SEO practices other than basics such as keyword targeting. You might check out the SEO forum. If you have questions about PBNs, you'll likely get some competent answers there.
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      Nice one John for your help. I'll do that now
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    You need to get the site business AND site listed with Google my Business. THEN you need to learn the process of creating citations

    Both have lists of citation sites you can list on.

    THIS will help you a ton getting the traffic you want for your client!
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    Hi! you can target local customers by using Facebook ads. The Facebook ad allows you to promote your website or business in your local area. This way, you'll generate more traffic specifically from your desired geographic area. Facebook ad is very easy and cost-effective way to reach cosumers in a specific area. The visitors you get from here are organic and unlike using web traffic services which usually give you traffic from automated bots.
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