4K YouTube Subs, now I'm lost!

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Hi everyone, this is probably very noob and everyone will laugh but I'm just a pizza delivery man, with no qualifications or much schooling.
Now, I have a YouTube channel that shares my interests (some basic videos showing products that I enjoy using and how to improve some of them), I spent a big part of my savings over the past 2 years to make these videos so video upload are very irregular as I can't afford them. My best videos have over 150,000 vies and my worst video has just over 700, the channel now has 1000,000 views and almost 4000 subscribers.
I have started to run Adsense on the videos and make pitiful pennies every week, and I gain subscribers by about 2 per day.
My question is, is there anything I can do with this channel that would be useful in the future? Or will channels like this usually just be a side show to the odd subscriber?

I started recording videos with my mobile phone camera and sharing things that I found quick tips or minor fixes for, some viewers enjoyed it so they stuck around, it's just a small channel that but the subs like to stick around. I'd like to expand the channel but I am so lost when it comes to digital media. I edit the videos with my phone too, so you can expect everything to be a very small, back room spare time operation.
I have been approached many times by companies claiming that, for a small fee, they could take my channel to the next level for me but I never trusted them.
So here I am guys, that's my first steps in the digital world, any help and pointers to help me expand to scale up will be greatly appreciated!
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  • You should also find some related affiliate products to promote, which definitely have much better margin than running AdSense.
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      Thanks! I have thought about this, I currently have one product from Banggood which I plan to link in some videos (I have them saved in my video bank) I just hope the BG seller ships quicker as it took me 4 weeks to get the product, this might upset my subscribers but I will link some products
      Keep em coming guys!

      Also, i've had a few pm's so far but can't reply yet as my post count is so low. I will reply once I can thanks everyone!
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    Maybe 4000 subscribers is a good start to be taken seriously by companies who run CPA-s. Have you got a look at Offervault ?
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    I think you should think about strengthening the work that you have already achieved using affiliate marketing techniques, take advantage of the audience you already have to promote digital products from Clickbank, JVzoo, etc ... that can be very useful for your subscribers and they not have to wait so long to receive it, if you want to promote tangible products such as in Amazon you can use some plugins that allow you to redirect the client to the store in your country and gain commission if they buy sometime.

    There is a whole range of opportunities that you can open if you use affiliate marketing, it is up to you to investigate, learn and to put it into practice. Greetings and I wish you much success with your entrepreneurship.
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    to have so many views I would start promoting some affiliate products! you can earn much more!
    And btw I love pizza! so if you would live in nyc I would order from you )
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    I just hope the BG seller ships quicker as it took me 4 weeks to get the product,
    Are there any digital products you can promote?

    I have been approached many times by companies claiming that, for a small fee, they could take my channel to the next level for me but I never trusted them.
    That's wise.

    Also, i've had a few pm's so far but can't reply yet
    These will be similar to the ones you mentioned above.

    If you post on a public forum that you have something good and don't know what to do with it, every scammer that sees your post will try to find a way to take it away from you.

    Protect yourself!!
    Do you need REAL people visiting your site?
    Do you need sign-ups for your networking/MLM program? >>>
    PM me!
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    Thank you very much to everyone who has posted, every post has great information that is helping me.
    I'm currently looking at Clickbank and JVZoo as suggested. Today I also phoned some local shops (that also have their own YouTube channels) asking if any are interested in cooperating but so far all have declined, one stating that they would prefer it if I had a larger subscriber base and others just saying no.
    I'm steering clear now of most PM's and emails saying they can help me, at least until I know who to trust.
    I'm going to try and understand this affiliate marketing a bit more in the coming months.
    I have tried looking at Offervault but unfortunately it's going way over my head at this point in time, it's all very exciting and daunting/confusing at the same time to me.
    Thank everyone for all the great help! I can see it's going to be a long road that only get's better the more I put in, looking forward to it, thanks again!
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    Ask yourself what product you can make that you own that people watching the best videos desire?

    If you can spend two years building views and subscribers and you've spent money doing this. . .

    Then what could you invest in making something the subscribers will pay for?

    Work that out and start driving traffic from your videos to your own products.

    Best regards,

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    Keep creating new videos and grow the number of subscribers to your channel. Once you have a decent audience you can be creative and add new videos with different subjects.
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    You might like to join some of the Influencer FaceBook groups, where there are companies looking for influencers like you, and advice on how to monetise etc.

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