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As the title says. Am I unlucky or is CPA content locking dead?
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    How is the traffic being generated / how targeted is it to the offer?
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    It's just your first attempt for this offer?
    Are you direct linking or using landing page?
    If you use landing page, have you tested more LP?
    Have you tested your headlines?

    You need to give more info, without it we can't help you.

    In the past I was driving traffic to cpa offers and I have situations similar to yours when from 100 clicks, i haven't received any lead, but later changed the landing page, change collors, subject lines, placements and went from doing no leads to like 10-20 leads from 100 clicks and from same traffic source. Testing different variations is the key.
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    How do we do this
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    More info can help, but...you are just getting started. Pump your breaks a bit, slow down and understand that it's not quite time to panic yet I gained traction after many hits to my blog; doing A-OK these days, because I did not doubt myself when hundreds visited my links, and no leads or sales developed.
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    150 clicks and no leads means either you are targeting wrong visitors to a wrong offer
    offer is unatractive or very bad

    is it a paid offer?
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    Originally Posted by CarNinja View Post

    As the title says. Am I unlucky or is CPA content locking dead?
    We're going to need a fair bit more info to give advice.

    Where is the traffic coming from? How are you targeting? How much testing have you done? How much money have you spent per variation and in total? Etc?
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  • Good offer should get at least 20% leads. You are not unlucky, you just need to test and find out if the problem come from your offer or the traffic.
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