How easy is it to buy and sell domains?

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How easy is it to buy and sell domains?

I have a domain that i would like to sell..

Any recommended platforms i should try?

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    If it is just a domain name with no website and track record of profits, either Flippa or any of the domain registrars, like GoDaddy.
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    The sell of the domain will depend upon on the quality of it (it's DA/PA, Age, Backlinks etc).
    You can try out these websites-


    If the domain is associated with a website, then you can try out Flippa for that sake, usually, it's a bit easy to sell domain with website to sell there.
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    Buy domain is difficult if choice is own. Buy and sell domains on godaddy. com, this sites is very popular for buy and sell domain names.
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    Sale Price of the Domain Commission Fees Payment Holding Period
    $0 - $5,000 20% ($15 minimum) 5 days + Payment Timeframe
    $5,000 - $25,000 $1,000 + 15% of amount over $5k 5 days + Payment Timeframe
    $25,000+ $4,000 + 10% of amount over $25k 5 days + Payment Timeframe
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    It's challenging to sell a domain just by listing it on a domain-selling site . . . most domains listed never sell.

    If you can contact suitable buyers directly and persuade them, that is likely to work better, but takes more time and ability.

    Unusual opportunity! CPA type offer (no selling), commissions $1k to $300k each time, in-person (US), phone or online. Click here for more details.
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    In answer to the original question: It isn't easy.

    If it were easy a lot more people would be doing it.

    I've sold a few on Sedo, but in the long run my profits didn't really justify the research time and the stable of domains that didn't sell.

    You said you have one domain you want to sell. Is that it? You just have one that you've decided not to use, and you don't want to just let it expire?

    Seriously, unless it's something remarkable, I'd just put it up on Sedo and let it expire if it doesn't sell.

    If you want to get into domain flipping, Gene Pimentel is the go-to guy.

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    I have read people claiming flipping business is worthwhile. I have not sold one . I can't really tell. One thing I know Is I have attempted buying a website on flipper once.
    I mean website not just domain. So it could be possible.
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    Why not build a small, but nice website with it and then sell the website and the domain? You would probably get more money that way.
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    It's definitely not easy. Read some articles, buy a Udemy course. Once you get familiar with it start small and try to sell one or two. That's how I would act.
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    Originally Posted by nadeemz View Post


    How easy is it to buy and sell domains?

    I have a domain that i would like to sell..

    Any recommended platforms i should try?


    The easiest way to sell a domain is to wait (often indefinitely) for some potential buyer to contact you. This way you know the buyer is interested, and you can ask for your price.

    If you have one domain to sell & if it is good, you can park it on your own hosting or any service. Leave your contact info mentioning the domain for sale.

    Maybe, try Flippa. Have sold some sites there, but no domain.

    Trying to push a domain sale is not easy. I have personally sold a few domains & also websites. All sales were to people who contacted me directly. Never managed to sell any domain via emails to potential buyers even when the domains were highly suited to the prospects.
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    I have a domain that i would like to sell.
    What did you pay for it? How much time and effort does that pay for?
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    I want to do domain research from auctions godaddy but look like it is not loading from my computer.If anyone have any solutions.Please inform me
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    It's not easy to sell. But if the keyword in the domain is in high demand, you can get paid well...

    But buying a domain name shouldn't be done without any research. But also there's no need to extensively do long research about it, find a middle ground and just do it.

    And btw, flippa is kinda bad currently there are other websites that you can find by a simple google.
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      I've had great experiences with Flippa. What kind of bad experiences have you had or heard about?
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    I second looking into Gene Pimentel's course if you're serious about this business. Probably not worth it to sell one domain.

    Not an affiliate link.

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    I used to buy domains and try to sell them without putting up a page. It rarely worked. I found I needed to put up a landing page telling visitors the domain was indeed for sale.
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    There's a good market for expired domains with good stats. Otherwise - stay away from this idea!
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    Originally Posted by nadeemz View Post


    How easy is it to buy and sell domains?

    I have a domain that i would like to sell..

    Any recommended platforms i should try?

    They are easy to buy & hard to sell... especially true if it's a crappy domain. 99% of the domains people register to resell will never sell. Now - I'm speaking from about 20 years experience investing in domain names with over 1000 sales.

    So anyway here are your options:

    - list the domain at Afternic (which is owned by GoDaddy so the name will be listed automatically there)

    - list the domain at Sedo

    - forget Flippa (they charge $15 per listing now)

    - join NamePros forum & list it for sale in a post

    - possibly Namejet

    - Facebook domain buy/sell groups (not overly productive & I admin one)

    - if it's not a crappy name & is product/service specific - reach out directly to potential end users

    - park your page with one of the platforms (afternic & sedo have this). I park my non-used domains at Uniregistry & let their brokers handle inquiries on my names though people often also contact me directly

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    Buying a domain is easy , very easy . Selling that domain quickly for a profit without much work is the stuff that training courses promise but hardly ever deliver .

    Its similar to flipping real estate . You buy a run down property in a good location . Its costs you a fair amount . You know you can make a profit by fixing it up . So it takes hard work and more money before you see the benefits .

    Many are lead to believe that is it easy to buy a $9 to $12 domain and flip it in a short while for a great profit without any ''renovation effort '' . The only person it works for in most cases is the person selling the training course .

    Yes you can make money buying and selling domains . However you will have to put a fair amount of time and effort into it , maybe building a website , driving traffic and recording those stats . Making proven sales from the site , or proving adsense income . Than you can definitely make a profit but like anything it requires learning , doing and hard work .
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