My site used to perform well in Google and is now plagued by SEO issues -- now what?

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My site used to perform well in Google and is now plagued by SEO issues -- now what?
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    You need to login into google search console to investigate exactly what SEO issues have been trapped. That would give you a head start from where to start from, perhaps you need also to need find out the timeline from which you started experiencing the drop and match any google algorithm within the dropped timeline.
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    You can also use the free Panguin tool which maps known algorithm updates with traffic drops on your website.That may help you determine what, specifically, caused the decline.
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    I also had the same issue.
    I am running a blogging website. Its been 3 months now.
    It has started coming on top 50 on some keywords but after that drastically it has fallen down for those keywords.

    I checked through search console but got no answer.
    I don't know what to do.
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  • Adapt and survive. Run your business using other forms of marketing. That's the real answer. No knock on Google, but any kind of high rankings you have are always vulnerable when on Google's landscape.

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    It would be nice if you could share your link, so I could take a look on it for you.
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    Quick tech check for google

    You can perform a quick technical check. Make sure your pages are indexed and you have no broken links or 404s. Those are a big issue. What type of sites are you linking to? Some bad sites can lower your ranking and get you in Google jail (make sure you aren't unintentionally linking to any illicit sites). Check your Webmaster tools to see if you've been notified of a penalty. Remove the faulty links and duplicate content. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Sometimes a Google update will cause a decrease in rank and website visits. Just make sure to check your Webmaster tools and discover what caused the drop. It could be a temporary fluke, but it's better to be safe than low-ranked on Google.

    If you specify which issues, we can maybe help you a bit better.
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    I will suggest you to start troubleshooting from the scratch firstly login into the google search console to find out what exactly SEO issues have occurred.Try using some seo tools to identify the content which plagiarised and avoid using it in future.
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    I've had quite good success in taking poor quality content off a site and putting some better stuff up there (like 2000+ word articles). I think if you have X number of poor articles on your site then you will be derated. Not sure if that was Penguin or Panda.

    Right now I am doing a new approach. Instead of writing articles about X keyword I am making interactive pages. Google is bored of blog posts, but it loves things that are more interactive in nature.
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