Should I Start up on non .com domain if .com domain is already taken but just parked?

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Hey warriors, I want to build a website for my YouTube channel (65k subs), the thing is that domain is already taken but not in use. Should I buy a non .com domain or should I rename/rebrand my channel?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Try to contact the owner of the .com parked domain and ask if he/she wants to sell it or to rent it.
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      I already did. He requires a 5-figure USD offer to open a negotiation!!
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        Not knowing your channel I suppose this isn't convenient for you. You could add a suffix/prefix to your channel and register a .com domain without loosing the identity of the channel. You never know if in the future someone will buy that domain and build a website that could confuse your audience. In this case I suggest a .com domain, the first choice for everyone looking for a website.
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    Yeah just use another tld
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  • Not getting the .com isn't the end of the world, although it is ideal.

    Based on what you are saying I would move onto a .net and not think twice about it.

    Most of the time we are leaving our link to be clicked on these days. Not so much hearing the address verbally.
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    I would go for .net or .org. Then, link from your video description. It's hard to give a real answer here because I don't know your YT channel.
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    I just recently bought a domain The domain I wanted was taken and when I contacted about a quote they quoted me $50,000.00 This domain was parked and never had a site associated with it so I added the word "the" to the beginning and bought that for $9.99 at namecheap. Not sure if your domain would work by adding to it but something to think about.


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    I think getting a domain with .com or .net hardly effect your website, don't rename your branding, it might create confusion also.
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      I appreciate your input. But what if someone buys the .com domain in the future and builds a website. Wouldn't that be more confusing to my audience? Just wondering
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