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Hey Guys,

Im new to internet marketing and I was advised in one of the courses I purchased to build an email list by purchasing solo ads. The course didnt explain much further and so im kind of confused on exactly how that is done.

If I am to promote an affiliate product and drive traffic to that sales funnel through purchasing solo ads how exactly will I be building my email list in the process and even If I do am I not essentially building my list by purchasing clicks from someone elses list?

Please Help. Extremely Confused. Thanx
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  • There are pros and cons to solo ads. Some people say they are the best thing and some people just end up throwing money away.

    Solo ads are:
    You find a list that is owned by 1 person. You contact that person and you pay them for EITHER the number of emails sent to their list, or the number of clicks your emails get.

    Pros: It can build your list fast and be very helpful in high competitive niches.

    Cons: You really don't know how great the list is, meaning you don't know how much interest the list has in your niche.

    If you are limited on cash I would stay clear of this method since it's usually a couple hundred bucks in one shot.

    I hope this helps.
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    Please take time to read the following thread:
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    As most people have mentioned Solo Ads can be risky as you are not guaranteed sales.

    You have to try out and test quite a few fo sellers to get one who produces sales, you might have to try multiple sellers to get a hit, then you just stick with that seller and up your clicks to try and replicate the success.

    It's a testing and analytics game which costs lots of money to get right.
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  • You can build your list using solo ads. Drive the traffic to your squeeze page first before sending them to your affiliate offer. Find a reliable seller is important as there are a lot of fake leads out there.
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  • SOLO is really kind as my opinion. This is a really kind type of marketing.
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    Welcome to IM Kyle. So here's how it works.

    How solo ads work is you'll specify a set number of clicks that you want from the vendor (you're buying access to his list - getting their subscribers to click on YOUR link), where a certain % of them will subscribe to YOUR list.

    So your set up would be : Landing/Squeeze Page (Lead capture) > Affiliate Offer (Redirect) > Autoresponder follow-up sequence (to build a relationship and sell your affiliate offer).

    The goal is to hopefully break even or make a slight profit with solo ads while building a large list which will be a very lucrative source of recurring income for you.

    As mentioned traffic quality can be a miss or hit depending on the vendor so make sure to do your due diligence... and if possible learn other self-serve traffic sources where you have more control over the entire process.
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    Hello. Solo ads do work but, there are a lot of people selling solo ads out there that are not very good so you need to do your research to find a legitimate solo ad seller.

    That said, If you want to build your list while you are promoting affiliate offers you will need to find a good solo ad seller.

    Then, the way you can build your list is by having a product that you can give away for free and redirect them to the affiliate offer after they sign up.

    However, to be successful there are several things you will need to have in place . You will need to have web hosting if you do not, and an autoresponder service to collect subscribers and deliver your gift. like Aweber or Getresponse, or you can use a free service like Mailchimp but I don't recommend it.

    The trouble is, many solo ad sellers offer guaranteed clicks and sales but fail to deliver on their promise.

    In order to do this, you will need to create a squeeze page for your free giveaway product to give away the free product. and, it needs to be a good gift.
    When I first started using solo ads, I purchased some of them from sellers on Clickbank but, only 1 out of 4 produce any results.

    You really need a good product to give away in exchange for someone's email address.
    It does not matter what kind of product you're giving away. It can be an E-Book,
    a video course or, even a free report as long as it's a good product.

    However, I've found that giving away free software works best.

    I hope this helps.

    Samuel Stinson
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