Need good advice on CV writing!

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Hi, everyone! I need to update my old CV. I don't want to pay someone for that and will try to do it by myself. Could you advise me some useful and helpful resources to use?
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    Hi Mark,

    I am not sure if this is even relevant to this forum, however, you can google "how to write a CV" on google and find millions on pages that will help you.
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    Originally Posted by MarkTaylorCa View Post

    Hi, everyone! I need to update my old CV. I don't want to pay someone for that and will try to do it by myself. Could you advise me some useful and helpful resources to use?
    If you want to be BETTER than the competition, you won't have an updated CV, but instead, you should be ready to construct a very specific CV... TARGETED to the position you are applying for. You draw from a simple form of what your skills, strengths, experience is as it applies to THAT position.

    Otherwise, it doesn't matter who writes it, you or a for hire, it is just another piece on the pile. Get out of the pile, unless you are desperate, then just fill out application forms.

    A CV implies an area of expertise, and often, a field of specialty. So make each one personal, customized, targeted, and make sure you know the company you are applying with, THEIR WANTS and Needs, and then fit into their criteria.

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    Honestly, Start by by tossing the the term 'CV' Replace with "Resume".... No rudeness intended, I ready a study a year or two ago... Senior managers believe the term to be pretentious, and most do not know, nor care what CV even stands for, as well believe that most people who use the term CV do not either. We are all aware that a CV and a Resume are different.... just call your CV... Your Resume.

    I'm curious though.... are there any countries where Latin is still the national language? The Vatican dumped it in like 2010 or something....I think they were last....
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      As far as I know, Latin is a dead language. I doubt, in Vatican, they used it for a little else except for some ceremonies. So, I suppose, only medical prescriptions keep it alive for now.
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    Thank you all for your advice and interesting comments!!! There are thousands of links and resources in the Internet but they are mainly primitive. I need something valuable.
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    Originally Posted by MarkTaylorCa View Post

    Hi, everyone! I need to update my old CV. I don't want to pay someone for that and will try to do it by myself. Could you advise me some useful and helpful resources to use?
    Mark, and others, consider this:

    What and how you submit to potential employers is dictated by their needs and their policies. Sure, different types of QUALIFICATIONS (which all CV and Resumes are) may require different formats.

    Academia and Government employees often submit a CV. Now let me tell you my experience, BEFORE you decide to go with any writing service, OK? Because the resume writer is about HIS/HER income, and selling to YOU.

    Maybe, if they did it my way, I wouldn't object.

    See, I guaranteed a JOB for people who used my resume service. Between 1987-90 I charged $495.00 for a resume. I avg. two a day, plus had some add on services.

    It was when many so-called resume writers were at 50 bux, why could I get almost 10 times the amount of money? Because of my WRITTEN guarantee.

    If I didn't find their IDEAL JOB in 90 days, they got a 100% total, no questions asked refund. And so the two a day were a controlled pace, could have done more per day, but I wasn't greedy.

    Now, the kicker. I NEVER gave a refund. I had a 100% success rate of finding people the job they wanted in 90 days. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Sound impossible? Well there was a catch. And you might "get" this part.

    In order to begin the job search, they had to tell me what their IDEAL JOB was, which many, in fact most, could not do. MOST didn't know what they wanted. Fortunately for them, I had a JOB Coaching class set up. They could pick and choose which workshop they wanted to attend.

    Now, this included professionals, who really needed CV, I worked with a couple of Doctors (seeking a role in direct marketing), many Professors, a lot of Government employees.

    And also, because of my background I did a lot of consulting for GRANT WRITING, which sometimes required a CV as a part of their package.

    TODAY, because of the Net, Resume Writing has become, IN MY OPINION, a group of scams. Back in 1996 I was approached to create a Resume service which could be either a franchise, and had a national base of QUALIFIED resume writers.

    They wanted me to start the ASSOCIATION. Here's the thing. Almost all of these kinds of associations serve one purpose, to make the owners the money. And with resume writing, what is their testing process? How do they earn their license or certificate to hang on the wall?

    The short answer is, THEY PAY FOR IT. If any association hands out some sort of certificate to people just PAYING, then what are they?

    Which is why I say, let them put your money where their mouth is, and make a GUARANTEE, You won't find a single resume writer, CV writer, Grant Writer in the world who would be so stupid as to guarantee results on their work.

    NO ONE knows you better than you know yourself.

    I'd BET you don't have an ideal job in mind, do you?

    And then there is this, I've seen too many people get the job they THOUGHT they wanted only to go from the fry pan head first into the fire.

    Anyone who gives you career or job advice, has to begin with getting to know you, not you paying them to have things done THEIR WAY.

    What is it you want? Maybe you don't need a CV or a Resume, but maybe, you just need to come to the attention of someone looking for a YOU.


    PS. Apologies (somewhat) for the rant, but Resume/Career people set me off. I'd suggest a good astrologer over most of these "life coaches".
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    Check USAjobs and some samples.
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    If you have a time to take a look on many CV and resume designs on or then maybe you can get some ideas to write your own perfect CV or resume for your ideal job looking. There are so many of them, and I suggest you to choose the simple design you can find there. Usually the simple one works and it works better. Good luck!
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    Hey Mark, I'm curious why you're against paying for a simple service?

    It's true that no one knows you better than you, but people often put useless information in a cv or cover letter. They add it because it's meaningful for them.

    It never hurts to have another opinion or set of eyes on your qualifications and experience. It's very cheap to find that help out there these days.

    What is your time worth to you in figuring this out on your own? Is it a skill you think will serve you in the future? How often do you plan on writing cv's in your life?

    My suggestion would be to pay someone to get your information on paper in a nice professional template (not fancy!). Then use that template and tweak it as necessary. It's critical to customize every cv to the job you're applying for. It should have so much resesrch and company facts in it that it looks like one of their internal documents. Show them how much you know their company and care to work there. It will easily make you stand out as most people only customize the intro at best.
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    Thanks! I'm not sure I will use some writing service, but I will think it over.
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    When I come across such situations and I need to write a resume or some kind of article I turn to online services for help, but this was not always a good experience, sometimes there were no bona fide performers, but now I know the service home page that helps to select performers and guarantees the quality I would be happy if it is useful.
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