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Hello guys I'm a newbie at CPA marketing and I would like to know a source of converting traffic for my lead capture page, I want to be able to make passive income. I want traffic to come to me. can some one please help me out
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    Your first post was deleted as 'unrealistic - but this second try was approved ....odd

    This post is equally unrealistic.

    1. If a marketer has developed a good source of converting traffic - he's not going to hand that source over to you. You have to develop/locate you rown traffic sources.

    2. Passive Income is the great IM does exist and those marketers who have 'passive' income spent years developing a business that is self sustaining with minimal maintainance. There is NO internet business that produces income with no work involved.

    3. Traffic will come to you - after you locate it and find a way to attract it to your site or converting pages. Traffic will convert when your landing pages appeal to the traffic you bring in.

    It's not as simple as "I want this - how do I get it" - there are dozens of good threads about CPA marketing - finding traffic - what makes landing pages convert, etc, etc on this forum. Use the forum search - start learning and testing.
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    Originally Posted by Oweezy View Post

    I want traffic to come to me. can some one please help me out
    Absolutely! Pay me money and I will send you all the traffic you can handle.
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    passive income doesn't exict
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    Originally Posted by Oweezy View Post

    Hello guys I'm a newbie at CPA marketing and I would like to know a source of converting traffic for my lead capture page, I want to be able to make passive income. I want traffic to come to me. can some one please help me out
    Why not take a step back and work ok trying to make profit first. Work on making your first dollar then build your way up. What traffic sources are you interested in?
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    Okay, the upside is that you have a lead capture page, that means you're taking action, which is great!

    Now, the next step is to figure out your numbers. What is your payout? How much can you afford to spend to achieve a conversion?

    After that, you need to figure out where your ideal prospects (based on your offer) are hanging out and go to them, provide value and then present your offer.

    It's hard to give specific advice without knowing more - if you could share more details here we'd be able to assist you further.
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    What networks have you been accepted to?

    I just went to youtube and did a search for one of the networks tutorials and there were lots of videos showing people how to profit from cpa.

    you really need to learn a lot more then ask more specific questions


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      I have tried hard watching videos but I've not been able to make my first dollar despite the actions I've taken.I have been able to drive traffic to the offer before,but no conversion.I just need help

      How can I drive traffic to my lead capture page.please help me

      That's what I've been trying to do but I've had no successs

      First of I need you to send samples so I will be sure I'm going to pay you for traffic that has good probability to convert
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        Originally Posted by Oweezy View Post

        First of I need you to send samples so I will be sure I'm going to pay you for traffic that has good probability to convert
        You won't find a lot of "sample" traffic being given away. The conversion probability is determined through testing.

        No one knows your niche or product or set-up so how could they say anything but "tell us more."
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    You need to provide more information. How are you currently driving traffic. What are the offers, are you sending to a squeeze page and building a list, what network are you working with, where does the payout happen in the funnel

    Please provide all this information or at least give us something to go on


    Broken promises don't upset me. I just think, why did they believe me?
    ~Jack Handey~

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    I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offer for a little over 18 years. However, I do things differently than most.

    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers. This is because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I favor offers that have a make, get or save money benefit to them, as they have overall worked the best. They also tend to have the greatest mass appeal (will be of interest to a large general audience), so the potential exists to produce high volume and they are fairly easy to cross promote on the back-end.

    Some of the verticals (niches) I have done extremely well with are: education, insurance, loans, debt, credit, mortgage, assistance, discount offers, homeowner offers, etc...

    The bulk of the PPL offers that I promote pay $20-$40 per lead, but I also promote offers that pay more and less. You don't want to get too caught up on what an offer pays because how well it converts is just as important. For example, if you have an offer that pays $9, but if it converts at 2X or more of a $20 offer, then it will perform about the same or possibly better. At the same time, if you have an offer that pays $90 and it converts poorly, it may not even be worth promoting.

    I have also done just as good with dating website sign-ups and pretty good with free trial + S/H offers. I also promote a very limited number of offers that are straight sales. For them, mass appeal is still the number one thing I look for and I also look for one of the following...

    1) The product is new and/or novel-unique and you can't purchase it locally or even something similar. I don't waste my time with it once something similar shows up in Walmart.

    2) The buyer can truly get what is being offered at a decent discount.

    3) Solves a house is on fire type problem.

    However, I mainly promote non-PPL offers on the backend.

    Bottom line, it's far easier to get someone fill out a short form than to get them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. So why struggle with trying to sell this or that, when you can provide free information that users want/need and get paid well doing it.

    I drive traffic and build responsive email lists by acquiring different forms of email data.

    Fresh / targeted 3rd party data, which is email leads of users that have shown an interest in a specific PPL niche or offer and have given permission to receive messages from third parties. You get the opt-in record of each user and it's 100% can-spam compliant.

    Generate real-time Co-reg, which works by placing an ad for a specific PPL offer on a co-registration network and their publishers display it and users that view the ad can request more info about the offer. When a user requests more info, their contact info is automatically imported into your ESP account / campaign and they are sent a message regarding the offer. You pay on a per lead basis.

    There is also rev-share data, which is basically 3rd party data (typically fresh / targeted) that you get for $0 upfront costs and you split the revenue generated from sending it with the data provider. Those that provide rev-share are typically just aggregating the data and aren't marketers and provide it to those that know how to monetize.

    So with the above, I am getting fresh / targeted leads specifically for the PPL offers I'm promoting. However, they are not typically as responsive as a high-quality opt-in list that you build yourself. So to compensate for this you need to work with higher volume. This is not a big deal since the cost is much cheaper and highly scalable compared to traditional list building methods.

    When mailing, you want to skim off the top any fast-track conversions and then for long-term success, you want to always be collecting your opens / clickers, segmenting and removing unresponsive users...converting the leads from quantity to quality and into responsive lists. Which you can then also cross-promote other offers on the back-end.

    So basically the real reason I promote PPL offers because they provide the path of least resistance to generating conversions / $$$ and converting the data into cash producing assets.

    There's actually more to it than it sounds, but done right it can be extremely profitable. Everyone that I know that is in the business and knows what they are doing, for the most part, does 6-7 figures. While that's a huge range, much comes down to one's ability to scale and effectively build / manage the infrastructure needed to scale.

    Couple things I didn't mention because it is beyond anyone doing when they first start out.

    You can get aged 3rd party data but it is more involved and requires special tools to do successfully.

    Once you have experience, you can find companies that have opt-in / buyer lists that do little with them or nothing at all via email marketing...mainly they call all the users and or don't know anything about promoting affiliate / CPA offers to fully monetize their data. This requires more work because you have to find the companies, where the other options above it's easy to get access to the data. This is what would be considered 2nd party data, as you manage the companies data and monetize it for a percentage of the net profits generated.

    Something to think about.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    18 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    The best traffic sources for CPA at the moment is native ads and google ads if you are willing to put some effort. Traffic is least of the worry by the way. the worry should be that you track the traffic where its coming from and whether its giving you convertions.
    Connect with me on skype sameer.mukhtar1
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