How would one get a list of merchants participating in their affiliate marketing program?

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I went to their page hoping to find a searchable database of products I could promote like I was able to find for ClickBank. I have a reasonably fast-growing tech blog on Wordpress that I hope to monetize and I'm now branching out into new subtopics within the field of tech, revising my strategy and target audiences as the blog matures and I figure out what works and what doesn't. Basically I want a target audience that I can actually sell products to. So for example, users of Arch Linux are not a good target because their entire subculture revolves around using only free products. Vintage computing nerds are probably also not a good niche for me to focus on because everything they buy comes from either thrift shops or second-hand dealers on Ebay and Craigslist and not from merchants. So I realize these are not good targets even though I am an Arch user and a vintage computing nerd and could potentially get plenty of content out of those topics. So yeah, that's basically what I need - to get a feel for what kinds of tech-related products are actually available. I don't want to start focusing on a target audience only to find that there are no products available that I can actually market to that audience.
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    Not sure where you are trying to go with this post. If you start off comparing Amazon to Clickbank - you need to stop there and figure out what you are doing. Might start wtih reading the information about Amazon's affiliate program on the Amazon site.

    I want a target audience that I can actually sell products to
    Yup that's pretty much the point of it. Figure out what people want - and provide it.

    Also might help to use forum search to look for threads about niche selection, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, etc.

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    Are you an affiliate on Amazon currently? You can choose the products you want to sell or the pages that reflect your niche(s). You can also now use something called Publisher Studio: Publisher Studio enables you to add links to products on directly from your website's content editor without the need to visit Associates Central or

    Look around for stuff that reflects your intended market and add to your site as needed.
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    I have absolutely no clue what the OP's post has to do with the question in his title.

    The answer to the post's title is simple ... you can't. That is, unless you know an insider at Amazon that is willing to risk his/her job to provide you with such a list.
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