Can I be successful in Email marketing (Sales funnel) without disclosing my identity?

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I am thinking to promote Clickbank products (Affiliate Marketing) through Landing page and Email marketing (No blog). As gaining trust is necessary after building list, is there any problem if I communicate with my subscribers frequently via email without disclosing my name and picture? My target is getting first sale from the subscribers after mailing them for 7 days from their subscribing.
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    I think you may get a better response if you are transparent with your subscribers but you certainly don't have to. People like to know they are dealing with a genuine person on the other end.
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    You can have success either way, but your customers will connect better with a person than automation. If you are going to continue using your list, over time, you'll want to be building a more personal connection with these people.
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    I think it's pretty good to begin with, if you want to test the waters. You don't HAVE to let your subscribers know who you are, at all...(might be best for the long run though)

    I know some people in the dating niche, for instance, who "create a persona" that doesn't really exist. And so, the person behind the product, and sending the followups is fictional.

    It makes sense in some cases too. Think about the person selling penile enlargment pills or stuff like that...i'd want to sell the product but i wouldn't want to be recognized as "that guy"

    I think you can try it out at first...see how it goes.
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    One of my early successful sites was about "Romance ebooks." The target is almost exclusively female. So the site and the "person" behind it were female. I did have a female friend who helped me with some of the contact replies.
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    I think you can hide your real name or use some more catchy name, but your face or your fb and other social accounts should be real. Of course, you could be successful without disclosing your identity, but you would be MORE successful if you don't hide.
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    I understand the need to ask the question... I really don't understand most of the answers. Modern culture would suggest NO you do not need to use your own identity.

    Look at fortnite.. argueably the largest social platform on the planet and it doesn't matter if you use your real name or not.. let alone we all know there is no real pics... there are only 100 different skins to choose from.

    And YET we question if we need to use our real name and face. can anyone say DeadMau5 or Marshmello or Sia. Look at TV - masked Singer was H U G E.

    I would suggest we are probably on the cusp of THIS being the norm - The Internet has always been an altered reality anyways in many respects.. why not create a cool avatar and a cool name and run with it.

    Not so ironically this is coming from a person that actually uses their real name here on the forum, and pretty much doesn't anywhere else online. <wink>
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    You can hide your identity, but it would be better to present them with who you are.

    Also, you could make a imaginary name and avatar and still share your story if it relates to them.
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    No blog
    No name
    No picture

    The odds are stacked against you in my opinion because it is going to be hard for people to trust and buy from you. Based on research roughly 47 % of people read a blog before talking to a sales rep so you are going to have a hard time trying to sell
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    I'm following the course laid out by Roger Dayton (Diablo) and I suggest that you do the same.

    I have been trying to stay out of the moving business (my "job") for years, but this year I really need to make the change and earn at least 10,000 per month by the end of 2018. Roger knows what he's doing. Look him up.
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    Communicating with your subscribers without telling your name would not be a good idea because how they would know that to whom they are talking and they won't be more comfortable to you. So it's better to tell your name and introduce your self.
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    I believe that being anonymous would be a big mistake. People naturally like to do business with people they know, like and trust. Revealing who you are, and what makes you tick, is a great way to connect with your list. Just my two cents.
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    Absolutely you can. Think about how many sales emails you get from faceless brands. The key is that the brand is strong.
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