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Hi Guys

I work for a large media production company. I process 100+ factual videos, docs and audios a month. Most of the flow is pretty current - not much older than 2 weeks old.

I see possible trends, keywords, niches - this is on the pulse. I get to see what creators are making and pros discussing - every day all day. Main "serious" topics: business, finance, law, tech, research.

NDA (which I would not consider breaching) aside, could I adapt this info and market it in some way? I've got original ideas for content coming out of my ears, just inspired by what I see and hear and think about on the way home.

Do I have a product? If so, what is it even called?!

Cheers if anyone can help.
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    You might have a potential product or promotional idea - but it may rely on WHAT your NDA says in the fine print.

    You have a good source of 'trending' topics - but would using those trends and expanding on them violate the NDA?

    If it were me - I'd come up with a basic plan for what I wanted to do and I would clear it with my employer.

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      Thanks, Kay King. I have been definitely considering that anyway. Problem is, I can't make the plan until I know what the info might be useful for. If it turns out that is is useful but risks breaching my NDA, I won't do it - simple as that.
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    I can't make the plan until I know what the info might be useful for.
    Step #1 and most often skipped by newbies - Market Research.
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    I would say you definitely have a product...but not the product you're asking us about. On your drive home, you have original content and product ideas coming out your ears? Those are your products!

    It sounds like you hit a jackpot of ideas. You get to see quality content on a daily basis, which leads to your own ideas. Can you try and flush some of those ideas out and pursue them?

    I'm certain you can make your own ideas unique enough that they don't violate the NDA. I'm not suggesting this next idea, but even if you did make something close to what you've seen at your job, it's very difficult to prove IP theft. Look at how many products hit the market every day and moments later the knock offs come out - legally. Again, not suggesting you walk the line as it's completely unnecessary to take that risk.

    You have your own original ideas coming from the inspiration of others' content. I would run with that instead of trying to come up with a way to market what you're seeing come across your desk. Maybe even merge some of the concepts you're seeing in different fields.

    Keep us posted on your results!
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