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Note- Mod this not a review. I am looking for opinions on this general situation I find myself in.

A very niched business coach is coming out with a week long course in about 3 weeks.

He's offering a 25% affiliate on a course fee of around $600.

I have a very good idea of his target market and who will buy this course. A lot of it would incorporate Facebook ads and re-targeting. I have a budget of around $1,000.

I've had okay success with online marketing myself. Definitely wouldn't call myself a pro, but I feel pretty confident about setting up a new domain, using his articles specific to this course (he will have a few), setting up a landing page, and re-targeting ads for his course.

Even though I'm pretty confident about doing this and having reasonable success, there is the part of me that has been hit a few times with a shovel for not truly understanding the online landscape, thus I'm naturally cautious and curious if there is something else I might be missing here (started out online as a life coach - they said it would be easy).

Do you guys think this would be a good idea to do this guys affiliate marketing?
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    25% is a little...too little i think. Personally.

    On the plus side, from the sound of things, you know what you´re talking about. You got your stuff together and you know the audience and even who is willing to buy, so that´s great!

    Will you be spending your own money on cold traffic AND THEN retargeting? Try to see if you can have a pixel added to the sales page (or even checkout or abandoned cart pages). You´re sending the seller free traffic regardless, so i don´t think it will be an issue, plus, it´ll be cheaper for you as an affiliate. You´d be generating a target audience from the other affiliates too. Same is true for google ads/youtube ads.

    It depends on the size of the launch too. If you have a lot of competition, this might not be the best. You´d have to take that into consideration.

    Regardless. I´d probably do it, for that payout, only if i had access to "warmer traffic". It gives you higher chances
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      My plan was to set up two domains with two Facebook pixels. I would do cold traffic from Google on the one and cold traffic on Facebook for the other. Then I would track the results and retarget on each. It would be my own money and I would be using a lot of this guys content to build the sites, but it's only for a week, so I build it drive the traffic, collect emails, and send them to his sales page.

      In addition, the affiliate works from 365 day cookies. So I will get the sale even if they don't come back to my page.
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    25% is a little...too little i think. Personally.
    $150 per sale is too little?
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      He gots upsells too. I thought it was a pretty good price. I could spend about $1,000 on traffic and converting 20 sales would more that double my money. At least that would be the hope.
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    What would be so different about marketing the $600 course, vs marketing a $60 course? Don't let the high price intimidate you. If you feel comfortable and confident that you'd make sales by promoting this product, then do it. If you dont feel comfortable, then stick with something much lower in price. Or even create your own product.
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      I'm good with the high price. Probably wouldn't deal with a $60 course personally. My only real concern is that I'm being too optimistic or ambitious with my ideas on this one.
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    It certainly sounds like you know what you are doing. Retargeting with FB ads is great but starting off with them can be expensive. You might be better off getting the intial traffic from other places (solo ads, media buys etc) and then retarget with FB and Adroll. That way it works out a lot cheaper.

    $150 a sale gives you a fair budget to make it work though, especially with the upsells.
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