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Hi Folks. Please forgive the noob question, but I have a YT channel with about 6000 subs and I wanted to create a free book with extra info on my videos and I thought I could add a CB hoplink into it for a some extra revenue (already got Adsense ads). The channel is about woodworking and I get requests for plans, dimensions, resources, etc, so I figured a free book answering those things would add some value as well as being a reasonable platform to do a little marketing from.

My question. Once I've written the Ebook, what do I do with it? Where do I park it so people can access it when they click on the link? I'm not interested in building websites, sales funnels, etc, this is just a hobby and I put all my effort into making stuff in my workshop, but if I can make a couple of extra bucks with ClickBank, then Happy Days!
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