Should I write a reviews site? What is your opinion on reviews sites?

by shloto
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Deciding on my niche I have come with the tentative conclusion that the best way to create it is by writing reviews on products the searcher is looking for.

This is because my keywords seem to be interpreted by google as the searcher looking for a kind of products and not for information in general.

Several articles on the top google pages are lists of products that fit the search and not information about the topic in general.

So I thought the best way to approach the site concept would be to write reviews.

I have heard advice somewhere else that a review site may look to "spammy" for google, or may be seen as to commercial by the visitor and I can come across as just going after the money.

The other option would be to just write information on the topic in general, but I am concerned that if I do this then goggle would see my site as not what the people are looking for when they search that keyword.

For example, if a keyword is "Sci-fi books" google returns articles with lists of such books, "top 10 sci-fi books" "40 Sci-fi books of 2010" etc... but there are no results like "How to choose a sci-fi books" "History of sci-fi books" etc..

Wikipedia is the exception with a solid page on "science fiction" in general.

What is the best way to go? write reviews as anyone else or write information on the general topic and distinguish myself for the best? or mix the content.
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    One of the best approaches is to have a review site that deals with products or services that can provide you with an affiliate link. Sure, you can get ranking in Google for your reviews from time to time, but are you interested in good rankings for the sake of good rankings or are you interested in making some money along the way.

    Some of the best sites I have seen are those that have reviews of JVZoo products or, say, the best CRM platforms. There are many other examples. Just don't plagerize the reviews of others (though some of the products on JVZoo will provide you with a ready-made review) and give it a go if your preferred niche has some sort of monetary potential. Even your keyword example of 'top 10 sci-fi books' can include Amazon affiliate links. Small change, really, but it is also an example of how it can be done.
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    What do you find when you search your kWs + review?
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    Reviews definitely drive sales.

    Look at all niches and you will find reviews of products and services and most purchasers will read several reviews during their purchasing decision making process.

    If you want to see some examples of how to go about setting up a review site look up Erica Stone here on the forum. Some of her info is great and she has been doing just the sort of thing you are considering.

    Best regards,

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    I think you need to approach this from a different angle in order to get your answer. Do a Google search for the phrases that you want to rank for and look at the type of pages that show up for those searches. THAT is the type of page you need to build to rank for those specific queries. It might be a review page, it might be a "how-to", it might be a video or something else.
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    This can work, I prefer authorative sites but review sites are still decent.
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    Im part of Wealthy Affiliate and there a lot of people there making plenty of money from reviewing WA itself but also from reviewing products. Having your own reviewing template is important and making the review interesting and an easy read is also important
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