Newcomer - Where do I start?

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Hey guys,

Newcomer to the forum, great to meet you all.

I've been involved in online marketing for a few years now, but only ever on the Account Management / Affiliate Management side of things.

For the past 6 months I've been thinking more and more about taking that next step and running my own campaigns, rather those for affiliates but with so much out there where do I start.

I've been involved in the Dating / Adult Dating space for some time, but do I stick with the vertical that I know or test something new?

The biggest hurdle for me is not having done any sort of media buying myself, so where do I start?

These are the sort of questions you'll see from over the coming weeks and months but before wanted to introduce myself and would love to hear from you guys about how you first got started and what pushed you to do so.

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