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Hi all, I have noticed that landing page builders are quite expensive and I lack some of the tech skill. My question is - Can I get people on fiverr or Upwork to build them and if so will I be required to sign up to the landing page builder or can I just use their account?
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    You can get people to do anything you want on Fiverr, including build landing pages. They probably won't let you use their landing page builder account. What do you consider expensive for landing page builders? The competition is stiff out there for builder sites, so I don't think the costs are that expensive.

    You need to put that cost into perspective and consider it an investment in the revenue you will hopefully earn with the use of your new landing pages.

    You can have your own account and have them build for you on your own account. Once they're done, change the password so they can't access your account anymore. If you later need more tech assistance, give them access again and keep repeating as necessary.
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    or can I just use their account?
    That depends. Some may have a commercial license which allows them to install on customers sites. I can install Optimizepress on other peoples sites. Be sure they actually have a license before you pay them or you could get in trouble.
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