Best hosting for blogging and dropship ( beginner)

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Hey there, i recently joined this forum and was looking to start getting some experience.
I wanted to start a blog ( so to experiment with traffic and building mail lists, i was thinking about writing about something im passionate about so psychology and adding some self improvement since these things are quite a popular niche) and a dropshipping business ( using shopify or something easy, i have 0 experience in this). My main question is : which hosting service should i choose and which option.
Other then that any advice is welcome
Thank you all in advance
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    start a blog
    get traffic
    email list building
    choosing a niche
    ...and finding a hosting provider

    Every one of those topics is covered in multiple threads here - and no one can give you a full tutorial in one thread that will cover it all.

    Learn to use the search function on the forum to locate the best discussions/answers on each of the above topics and to get an idea of which members are experience and knowledgeable and which are not.

    Choose a large hosting company because those sites have explanations and videos that show you how to launch a blog - change DNS, etc.

    Saving one dog will not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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      i guess i'll just start and learn by doing. Thanks. From now on i'll try to ask more specific questions
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    My main question is : which hosting service should i choose and which option.
    Why do you need hosting when you have no idea what you are going to build. Educate yourself and buy hosting when you know what you need.
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      I do have an idea( i do have a blog project and a dropship jewelry project) . I just don't know the process or where to start excpet a basic market research of competition .
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    For the blog you can use worpress and bluehost and for the dropship you'll want to use shopify.
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  • You can easily use one-click button to install WordPress blog on any popular hosting like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator etc. For dropshipping, other than Shopify, you may want to try WooCommerce which is a free eCommerce plugin on Wordpress.
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    First, get an idea. You have to convert an idea into a business.
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    Many web hosts will offer monthly plans, so you can pay month by month if this what you prefer. Only thing with Shopify is if you want to make customisations such as htaccess, geo-targeting with hosting you are not able to. Having said that just to get you started Shopfiy and WordPress are both great platforms!

    Fast Stable Web Hosting - UK (London) & US (NYC) datacenters / 1 Click FREE SSL / Pure SSD Hosting -

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    Are you planning to work on two different projects at the same time? Or your blog will be somehow related to your dropshipping niche?
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    For the blog I would recommend A2 or Contabo (depends on where your traffic comes from). For ecommerce I think better bigcommerce or shopify. There are several good and cheap website hosting, so do a quick search on google.
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    If you will choose CMS as a wordpress for your blog , then SiteGround and WPX are good option there !

    since SiteGround has their own cache and backup option it will help you to optimize your site speed.

    Lately they are having ClouD hosting from Google LLC, which is giving good response time for 1st byte,

    Take a look or you can prefer your own !
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