What do you use to timetable and plan ahead with your email marketing?

by Ellady
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Is there a tool which helps you with really planning ahead when it comes to your email marketing? I'm struggling to get things organised with a basic calendar. I was thinking to use Trello - but there must be something better??
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    Are you using any autoresponder service?

    Something like Active Campaign is good and well priced.

    All of the autoresponder platforms have scheduling.

    Best regards,

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      Hi Ozi,

      Thanks for the reply! I wasn't thinking about automated emails, I already have a service for that although thank you for the recommendation. I was thinking about how I can plan ahead when trying to create content for marketing emails.

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    Sounds like you need some strategic planning help and all you have to do is lay out a simple calendar and set dates. Lets say you have an upcoming sale say on the 14th, on the 1st of the month send out an email announcing what and when it is, a week later send out a reminder and the day before send a last chance reminder. Hope this helps.
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      Hi jmosticc22!

      Thanks for your reply. I have been using a calendar, but I'm finding it difficult to plan ahead with the A/B tests I plan on running and what different content will go out to different markets (we market worldwide, with different products applying to different markets). It feels like just a basic calendar is not enough to handle all of this information, it's not very useful to me.

      So for example, if I want to send an email to 4 markets, and run A/B tests on all those emails - that's 8 emails all sending out at a slightly different times, with different content. I'm trying to personalize the marketing as much as possible, and I'm just finding a basic calendar set up to not be very useful.

      With all the email marketers in the world I'm sure there's another way

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    Hey Ellady, an Autoresresponder such as Sendlane, Aweber or Mailchimp (free) is all you need to schedule your emails going out in the sequence that you would like them to go out. Trello is more like a work organizer/planner. But an Autoresponer is made for email planning. it sends email to multiple persons all at once at the time you want it to do so.
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      Hi Oneil,

      Thanks for your reply! I'm not sure if anyone is understanding my intention. I'm using Mailchimp and I know how to schedule emails. Scheduling isn't the issue! But I'm thinking about planning ahead - how can I plan the content I want to include in the emails? I don't want to set them up or schedule them (yet) but I do want to plan what content to include and what tests I want to run. So a work organiser/planner, but designed around email practice?

      Maybe I'm not being clear about what I'm looking for or maybe you guys just don't plan ahead like I want to and just schedule emails in without considering the content so much. I guess I'm just finding it harder because I have so many markets to consider.

      Thanks anyway!
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    You can try something like storychief or webtexttool to use to write your content for your emails.

    They have features like setting deadlines that you could tie into your other Calendar.

    You could use a project management software to plan out content. Trello or many others. Something like Ora might be with a look and there is an LTD on appsumo at the moment.

    Otherwise a large board where you add sticky notes. Easy to manage and you can add content as required and see the whole layout pretty easily. manual but good.

    best regards,

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      Thanks Ozi!

      I'm not sure those are exactly what I'm after, but I can see them being useful in other areas so thanks for the recommendation!

      I'm going to trial Airtable and their Email Marketing template for now.

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    What are you limited by or frustrated with when using Trello? I've used it for project planning in the past and found it quite useful. All of these programs will have challenges for certain projects though, so I'm curious about yours.

    Maybe you can provide a clearer picture of what you want your planner to do? Do you need automatic integration into your digital calendar? Alerts sent to your phone or email? Reminders popping up on your desktop? Automatic re-shuffling of tasks that are dependent on the previous one being completed? Ability to create thought webs? Flow Charts? Shareable across your different devices/programs....phone, computer, tablet, email, printer friendly etc.

    I don't know what program can do all of these things (business idea??), but perhaps if you explain exactly what you want your planner to accomplish for you, other Warriors can better direct you.
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      Thanks palmtreelife

      What I want to be able to do is 'plan ahead with the A/B tests I plan on running and what different content will go out to different markets'. Trello is a bit too basic and makes it difficult to visualise elements that are essential the same, but still separate (i.e. emails that are sent out with the same purpose but have to be different due to market differences and additional personalization and A/B test planning. I don't need integrations as such, just be able to visualise my future email marketing planning.

      I'm starting to agree with you this could be a business idea! Because I can't see a unique project management tool for this. But for now, I'm going to trial Airtable with their Email Marketing template.

      Thanks for the help!

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    I understand what you're asking.

    I use trello for daily tasks and it's good in my opinion.
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    Hi, good autoresponder like Get response and Awer have calendar so you can schedule your campaigns.
    My View on the Net - reviews
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