Whatis the best way for a beginner writer to offer my services?

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I'm Mark a newcomer to the warrior forum.

I'm a writer in a number of field's for musicians,actors and a sports writer as well.

Along with that I run a Forex blog and write articles on how to best navigate and invest in foreign currencies.

If anyone has any advice on how to best proceed so i'm not violating any policies here,and how to create value veteran warriors could use as a result.
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    The best way is to offer good grammar/sentence structure and spelling when you advertise. Don't give away your time - but post examples/samples - list your prices for various article lengths.

    PUT yourself in a position to be hired. When site owners hire a writer they don't want to guess what he charges or whether they can afford him - if his ad is full of errors, they won't look any closer. Look at competitor threads and see how they structure their sales copy when advertising writing services. Don't copy anyone - but include relevant information in your ad thread. Participate in the forum - buy a $5 signature - and advertise your 'for hire' thread in that signature.

    If you don't have 'samples' WRITE them so you have some sort of portfolio to show prospective customers.

    Market yourself - no one will do it for you. Know what you are worth if you want others to pay for your work.
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    You can always try freelancer.com

    ...or Upwork, of course.
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    You can start with freelancing website like upwork, freelance, peopleperhour, etc.
    That way you can generate cash to market yourself later.
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    Well, you can always offer your services to people who start threads like this https://www.warriorforum.com/beginne...-software.html

    - LOL
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    Everyone always suggests the usual websites for freelancers....fiverr, upwork, freelance etc. Many people are customers of these sites, but beginners trying to earn money on these sites is now incredibly difficult because you're competing against mini companies within these websites that have thousands and tens of thousands of 5-star reviews. One account has a team/army of independents doing the work for them, guaranteeing fast turnovers and attracting top talent.

    The Medium website is becoming hot for writers/bloggers to gain traction with their work. I would look into that to post your work and get noticed by respected authorities in the industry.

    Another add-on is to acquire some social proof and influencer status by doing guest posts/blogs for people in your fields of music, actors and sports. Research some middle popular bloggers or companies and find something you can connect with them about. Offer to write a guest post on "insert subject" based on your expertise on "insert expertise/experience".

    Once you land on a few middle popular blogger sites, then you can approach the big guys and share your portfolio of popular posts with them to prove you know what you're talking about.

    Getting noticed in this field takes work, but it only takes one post to get shared/tweeted thousands of times and you're no longer a "beginner".

    Once you make a name for yourself (doesn't have to take long), you'll have much more leverage on your rates. Right now, it's difficult for you to charge $500 for an article when you have no proof you know what you're talking about.

    Writing is one of those things where you can write the same way for years and no one notices, but one day someone big notices one article or book you wrote and your life changes forever. The challenge is to get your work seen or read by as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. I hope the suggestions above can help you overcome that challenge.
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    You gotta start someone. You will find some random business owner who is desperate to have some writing services done. Create a nice website and promote yourself. Like Kay said, offer some writing samples so that people can get an idea of what your style is, and if it can correlate well with their readers.
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    You know, usually, it is recommended that you offer some value to the community before trying to get something out of it. There are a lot of people that come here for handed out solutions like someone should do the work of reading this information for them and give them a step by step action plan. My suggestion for you would be to be different.

    To launch your writing career, you have multiple options:
    1. Freelancing platforms.
    2. Create your own website and advertise it.
    3. Create a Warrior for Hire post.
    4. Write books to showcase your skills.
    5. Apply for jobs posted on the internet.

    I personally did these 5 as well until I only needed nr 2, so you can succeed with them.

    Good luck
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    You're spread too thin on the topics you'll write for.

    "Stand for nothing and you'll fall for anything," as a well known writer on this forum used to say.

    By the way, did you know there's a Copywriting subforum? Your question has been asked and answered many times there over the years.

    Niche down. Doesn't mean you won't write for other topics, but you have to get people asking you about SOMETHING. Get known for SOMETHING.

    Then prospects can ask, "Well, can you write about this other topic?"

    I interview business owners for my podcast at $500K+ revenue. A recent one was with an agency owner who had to niche down. He had some specific advice about the fear of missing out because of doing so...if you don't niche down, no one will talk to you at all. When you do, they'll ask about the other topics.

    The key is getting known for something.

    There are other advantages to niching down, such as being able to raise your rates because you're specialized.

    When I came to the US and was allowed to work in 2010, the first gig I got was writing blog posts for an Inc. Top 500 scientific and testing equipment firm. I was their only writer. The posts had to be factually correct, as they were being read by engineers and scientists--real end user buyers. The rate was $100 for 600 words--stratospheric by the standards of most people here.

    Yet it was only about $30/hr for my time and soon became not worth my while. I think I lasted about a year. In the meantime they got bought by a larger company, who gave me their writing work, too.

    It was easy to leverage this experience.

    I agree with the poster who said trying to compete on platforms overflowing with other writers is dumb. All that does is make life difficult for you, and drives rates down. You need to encounter these prospects in isolation, not surrounded by dozens of other eager writers.

    Most of all...stop talking about writing! Just as web designers should stop talking about web design, and photographers should stop talking about photography! Every time you get into talking about writing, you turn yourself into a commodity.

    Niche down, talk about something else other than writing (like...results), and find a way to approach prospective customers that isn't deluged by other writers. All these things have been discussed on the forum in the past 7 years, and I have personally made a ton of content about them.
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    Originally Posted by mdgrove20 View Post


    I'm Mark a newcomer to the warrior forum.

    I'm a writer in a number of field's for musicians,actors and a sports writer as well.

    Along with that I run a Forex blog and write articles on how to best navigate and invest in foreign currencies.

    If anyone has any advice on how to best proceed so i'm not violating any policies here,and how to create value veteran warriors could use as a result.
    Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

    The key is getting known for something.

    What I did was create better articles and better products compared to other people's articles and products. Sent copies to the website owners and product creators for their consideration and nine out of ten times received the green light.

    Over time word spread between website owners and product creators that my services made a positive difference in their business goals and as a result it led to offers from them vs. offers from me.

    At one point I had to turn-down or postpone offers because of being a solo business. In that case I suggest you always keep an eye open for long term contracts or an agency business of your own.
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    Targeting Asian or people who aren't native to collect nice feedback. Rewrite is also a good business with Asian people. The only down side is most of them will pay you cheap. Good luck!

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
    . . . . . Let me help cutting your ad production cost! . . . . .
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    Here are a few things you could do:

    1. Offer to do a free guest post for an established, reputable blog. If your work is good, the blogger might hire you.

    2. Create an account on Fiverr or Upwork and leverage their traffic and customer base to find clients.

    3. Create a page on your websites that showcases your services and portfolio and lets people know they can hire you.

    4. Create a few YouTube videos sharing what types of writing services you offer.

    5. Network with other successful writers. Many of them have work they want to outsource.

    I hope that helps.
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