Please help me pick a niche... Thanks

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Hello everyone how are you doing?

Please I need your help.
I am just a young guy who wanna start a business.

I want to start a design service (graphics and landing page design) with some Designers and I want to niche down by industry... I want to be the go-to guy for design in that industry.

After research I discovered some industries, but i need help picking an industry that would have a recurring need for designs in a month.

I discovered graphics design and landing page design for

1). Book authors
2). Event planners, organizers/ or events and conferences.
3). Merchandise sellers, like t-shirt, swag etc.
4). Law firms and legal institutions
5). Financial services
6). Gyms
7). Industry you would have picked but is not listed here.

If you were to pick one which would you prefer and why?
I would really appreciate your contributions

Thanks alot

Best regards
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    A problem for you is not an emergency for other people.

    Make a chart for your possible target markets. Run the names across the top. Down the side, put factors that drive usage of graphic design. Check off those factors that move the needle for each niche.

    It should become clear pretty quickly which to focus upon.

    Some of this has to do with the level of awareness the company has about marketing. A book author who puts one volume out a year and only does marketing to support the launch, rather than ongoing, changing promotion, is likely to have little need for your services. A gym owner who is constantly trying to attract attention with print ads and mailers, on the other hand, would have more.

    Also, there is your comfort level with approaching some of these niches. How do you feel about talking to attorneys? They're notoriously hard to reach, and "smarter than you" when you do get to them.

    My suspicion is that while a couple niches will stand out from the drivers of graphic design usage, you're still going to have to approach members of those niches, and qualify them based on their awareness level of how they are making use of graphic design.
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    Event planners and merchandisers for sure, they simply have more needs for graphic design.
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    Make all your sub niche under graphics design as the main

    Good luck!
    Are you looking for a Professional Content Writer
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    Niche research
    And keywords research are back bone of any new website.
    Both are very difficult to find.
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    Go with local events, I believe you'll be able to generate some money and then try other niches you like.
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    Why limit yourself? Offer your services to anyone who needs and can afford them.
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    Start brain storming and try to understand your interest from childhood.
    It is the best way to select a good niche or try to find from Google trends
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    I would choose merchandise seller because they always constantly searching for graphic designer for their product and their banner. That means you'll get recurring clients if you deliver a great job.
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    Originally Posted by darlington maduabuchi View Post

    2). Event planners, organizers/ or events and conferences.
    I would choose these people to offer your services too.

    Most event planners have multiple events to coordinate at one time. If you can come in and do the design specs according to the theme and feel of the occasion, then you can do some major business selling your services to these people. Keep it professional though, and offer revisions if necessary. And keep relationships with past clients (when you get them) healthy. So contact them often (every few months) to keep you in their lives.
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    My recommendation is quite simple.

    Do it for the masses go to Etsy (the biggest DIY marketplace) identify the Shops that are crushing there (identify the niches) and build a portfolio based on their niches.

    Afterwards open an account there as a seller and sell pre-made sites and custom sites... You need to have a strong portfolio to offer confidence and authority to potential buyers.

    I am talking about websites, but you can also do Logo Designs, Custom social pages, etc...

    It works pretty well.
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    Here's an idea... why not go to fiverr and create a specialised gig for each niche you want to target and see which one(s) perform best?
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    I think you should go for event planner and organizer for the beginning.
    Once you build a setup in the above written industry, you can go ahead with Merchandise seller.
    If you need any more help regarding this you can reply me for on this thread.
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    You can work on making your service better rather than picking a niche. If you want to pick one then you can pick either 2nd or 3rd. You'd get more recurring business through them. If you still are not sure then you can make one of them as your primary and other one secondary. Ultimately, it will all come down to your skills and how well you are going to execute your projects.
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