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Hay all, I'm new to making money online and I have a few questions.
I want to start making money by writing content but I'm clueless as to how and where to start.
Can someone please point to in the right direction? here what I think my qualifications are:

-I wrote a bunch of articles in a student magazine dedicated to philosophy.
-I'm interested in general in political science and political philosophy and can write articles with somewhat of a logical structure, this means it will have premises and conclusions, and can also write extensively on the U.S. political scene since its an interest on mine
-I'm a Computer Science student so I can write about the field
-I'm really interested in Cryptocurrency as well (Bitcoin, Etherum ..etc) and have been so since 2016 so I can write about them as well.
What do you guys suggest I start doing?
I can work for little as a start I don't mind that I just need to start making money even if little as a start.
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    One thing to rethink a bit - working as a content writer is about the ability to research and write about specific topic/keywords/purpose of the content requested by the buyer. Personal opinions, etc can be a problem.

    Best to have 3-5 general topics you are experienced/knowledgeable (knowledge as in 'facts/history/use of rather than opinio) about and hone your research skills, too.

    Join Freelancer, Upwork (I don't recommend Fiverr) and fill out the profile diligently - be professional in your comments, focus on writing experience - have some examples of your writing to show on the site....offer reasonable pricing such as "special pricing to build my ratings here" but don't go cheap cheap if you can write well.

    You can also design and place an ad on this forum in Warrior for Hire and can advertise the link to the ad in your signature here ($5 option for sig).

    You have to promote yourself....decide what your time is worth and charge accordingly. Deliver on time every time - remember that people hire you to write for them. It's not personal - should not be emotional - and most customers want to place an order - tell you what they need - and get the content they requested.

    Be professional, be business like, don't be 'needy'. From experience I can tell you those who want the cheapest prices are not loyal and will always look for cheapest prices.
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    Besides what have been said, create a website or a blog and showcase your work. I see this error in a lot of beginners. Regardless your price, there's always someone else that have some samples on a lot of topics.

    I had a blog with over 100 articles written by me before I started to promote myself as a writer, and it served me well. People were hiring me because they liked my style and tonality. I also had two published books. I don't say you need this many, but it definitely helps.

    While having articles in a magazine is cool, it doesn't totaly showcase your skills. You had to follow a certain protocol there. Writing for magazines and writing for a business, for example, are totally different animals. Besides, having your own online presence will attract online traffic.

    Also, most of the clients will want to keep your work private, so it's hard to have a portfolio if you don't make it just for that purpose.

    I personally started my career on Fiverr, but I grew independent from it, something I believe all writers want to achieve eventually.

    If you keep writing and keep trying and put yourself out there, you are going to succeed.

    The only ability you need for success is determination.
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      Thanks so much for the reply, may I ask what is the price range for content writing?
      how much do I expect to earn as a start?
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  • I would suggest you start with a blog on the subject that you are most passionate with. Only with your own domain and website, you can have your own brand and the overall control on how you are going to monetize your site.
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    Since you're new to content writing for exchange of money, the easiest way to start is on Fiverr. Nevermind the money/income aspect of it for right now. Just get some experience, and see the kind of requirements and subject matters that people will ask you to write about for them.

    This way in the future, if you wanted to charge a much higher fee for your content writing, you will already know what to expect in terms of requirements, how to do research on the matter, and how to structure your writing fees. And also... denying subject matters that you definitely do not want to write about.
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