How can I test if a product will make money?

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    First, build a site with a Buy Now button that then returns a page that says something like "We're sorry; [product name] is almost finished. Can we add you to the interest list and inform you the moment it is available?" Then provide a form for them to give their email address.

    Next, drive traffic to it. The fastest way is to pay for advertising, even though you'll definitely lose money, since there is no real product yet. You'll be able to quickly see the percentage of site visitors who will click that "Buy Now" button, which will give you a pretty good idea if it is worth your time pursuing - especially if you plan on driving sales through advertising.
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    How long will it take to create the product?
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    What kind of product are you thinking? If it's something that has value and presented to the right people then it would definitely sell. In most cases, anything could sell with the right marketing method and on how you present it.

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    Originally Posted by licondam View Post

    Hey man!

    I was just wondering if you give me advice on how to test an information product's viability in the market?

    I already secured a domain and want to create a sales page for it (before actually building the product) to see if people will actually click the buy now button.

    Any tips on doing this? Should I just build the sales page and then send traffic to it via facebook and google?
    The only way to know for sure is to try and test it. Theory is good but testing is the only way to find the true results.
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    Originally Posted by licondam View Post

    Hey man!

    I was just wondering if you give me advice on how to test an information product's viability in the market?

    I already secured a domain and want to create a sales page for it (before actually building the product) to see if people will actually click the buy now button.

    Any tips on doing this? Should I just build the sales page and then send traffic to it via facebook and google?
    I would start with the squeeze page. If a market doesn't even convert well for a free offer, then that should give you an indication that they more than likely wont respond well to your paid offer.
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  • Do research to find out if there is a demand for the niche the product is in.

    Research to see if there are other similar/same products selling well.

    If it's a new product in an unknown niche, it will be hard selling.
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    One word: RESEARCH
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    Create a short report solving the main problem your product promises to solve.

    Put your report on a landing page.

    Build interested list.

    Ask them to sign up on waiting list for main product.

    Go back and ask the people who "didn't" sign up to get on your waiting list, WHY?

    With that information, you should have a pretty good idea whether to go ahead, or what changes you need to make.

    In saying all that, your conversions might be low, or high, depending on your "marketing" and not the product. So you might want to test different versions of your free offer.

    Thing is: Your research should be enough to determine whether there's a market for your product anyway. The other steps are there to test whether your product is hitting the right spot.
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    Advertise and receive calls and text about it. That should tell you what activity your ads bring you.
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    To check if a product will make money, you can use Google Keyword Planner to check out volume searches for the product and niche keywords. Then go to Amazon to check out the magazines that advertise the product or niche. That should give you a good idea of the demand for the product.
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    I think you should finish your sale page and after that start to drive traffic to see if it converts or no
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    You can tell the product is good just buy looking at the presentation( unless the creator done a very good job in making it attractive), it is more about how you promote the products and how you use your marketing skills to attract and convince the buyer that your product is a good one.

    I have seen worthless products that has a lot of sales and a good product that barely has any sales.
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    Build a opt-in page with the product mock-up and ask them to join the wait-list. The growth of wait list can give you an idea of how successful your launch will be.
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    Does product (keywords) have enough search volume? Does product sold well on ebay/Amazon? After that, "Do I have good enough price to make a profit"?
    That's about it, everything else is technical stuff..
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    would you buy it?
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    The first thing you have to check out is the demand for your product. If your product falls in the following niches then it is going to have an evergreen demand: Dating, Relationships, Business Opps, Investing, Make Money, Beauty, Wellness, and Health.

    The buying audience in your market is the group of people willing to make a purchase. They are triggered by pain points and problems. In your sales page you have to connect your buying audience with the product using keywords.

    Too much traffic to your website won't imply high SALES. This will only occur if you provide value to your website visitors along the guidelines stated above.
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