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Hi everyone,

So basically im working on a project where i offer free mobile internet to my customers.
During this project, im looking for advertisers who want to offer their ads to my customers.
Those advertisers are of course paying to get their adds to my customers directly.

i wanted to know, what the best ways are to draw more advertisers to my platform, who are willing to pay to get their ads on my platform?

Should i use affiliate marketeers to spread awareness or can i do something different?

thnx in advance.
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    First of all, I would hope that your website is more grammatically correct than this post is. "Costumers" (which you wrote multiple times) are people who design costumes - not a very big niche, I would think.

    You might try becoming a valued member of a forum related to your niche and making connections with businesses there. LinkedIn would also be a valuable place to start mining for prospects.

    And, of course, you need to be able to convince advertisers that you have a huge number of unique, real site visitors.
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    In agreement with Dave, I would try to build a network in the proposed niche. If you provide the advertisers with value they will follow you and start buying more ad space.
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