What is the reason that most of the blogs are not able to earn even first $100?

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There are so many people who start blogging in the thinking of making money by blogging. But in most of the cases their dream of becoming successful blogger remains miner a dream. What can be the reason behind this?
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    Primarily because they have a dream of making money rather than a plan for building/growing a popular blog.

    Literally hundreds of new hopeful bloggers have posted here and so often their idea is to 'pass on what I learn' or 'let people watch me starting out' or they believe they can simply blog about what they are doing every now and then and people will buy from their links. They seem to give up rather quickly.

    A blog, like any product, should have a plan behind it and goals to be reached - should have research that guides its focus - needs quite a bit of time to develop. Have you ever noticed how many blogs you see where someone posted 4 times a day for 2 weeks - and never again.....or where the writing was atrocious?

    Quality counts - whether it's a blog or a product, a website or an article. Today 'a blog' is not a great idea unless it is attached to a broader promotional plan ...in my opinion at least.
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    They focus to much on making money instead of thinking to deliver value ,create awesome content and building the best blog posible
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    That's true,they don't have any plan. Plus to this all they think it will be so easy to be a blogger,when the bloggers market is overloaded.
    As for me,one of the easiest ways to make your first $100 is to write paid articles for others.If you have good enough writing skills, you can make money through freelance writing. And you don't even require a lot of money and efforts to make money from freelance writing.
    All you need is to create a page where you can easily attract people to hire your writing services and post some quality contents on your blogs regularly.
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    Two most common problems are they give up too quick and not being consistent and they do not know how to get their blog ranked which relates to google seo. Another possible one is low quality blog but it is very rare
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    The problem is the same for bloggers as it is for eCommerce sites ... targeted traffic.

    In order for a blog to make money, it needs a ton of avid readers and those readers need to be extremely interested in the things that blog uses to generate money.

    Until your blog has a very large loyal following who are passionate about the the subject of the blog, any efforts of monetizing it will be fruitless.
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    Here are the reasons so many people fail in blogging.

    1. Employee mindset rather than entrepreneur mindset
    2. Short-term thinking
    3. Poor quality content
    4. No marketing plan
    5. Bad niche
    6. Inconsistency blogging

    My first blog took me almost five years to make money consistently. At the 10 year mark, it became very very stable.

    Most bloggers give up in 90 days or less, yet most successful blogs at AT LEAST five years old. Good things take time. Blogging is the "long term" game, not a quick way to make money online.
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    Bloggers don't make $100 is that they don't have a mentor to teach them the basics.

    Instead of going for what you think people want or what other marketers are fighting over... go to help people out who need help online.

    Add affiliate programs and offers to your blog that get you paid.

    Then you can send targeted traffic to your blog.

    Remember your blog is a business not a hobby, be persistent.
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    Because they listened to someone who told them to blog about their "passion."
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    I think these bloggers fail because they believed some get rich quick bullshit and when after 60 days they gave up because it was too hard.
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    Originally Posted by Blogeomics Seo View Post

    There are so many people who start blogging in the thinking of making money by blogging. But in most of the cases their dream of becoming successful blogger remains miner a dream. What can be the reason behind this?
    IMO most people give up too early. Instead of sticking with it, learning and trying new things they move on or give up.
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    The objective of the bloggers is to solve the pain points and problems of their followers.
    To achieve this, 1. The bloggers must produce a fair number of entertaining and quality content articles and comments;
    2. It is also necessary the submission of the articles to directories related to their niche;
    3.- If the bloggers pretend to earn income from their efforts, they can monetize their blogs with affiliate links.
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    Poor content usually equates a lack of trust and interaction from the desired audience. This combined with lack of consistency doesn't create a good environment to succeed.
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    A lot of my clients have good blogs but they're in super competitive niches like drones.

    I started a few micro niche sites back in 2011 and they don't have many more competitors these days. There are still loads of overlooked niches out there.
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    It should not be the first reason why you start blogging, your blog is your online presence you make money by delivering value for free first then recomend quality product that solve the problems of your followers, not to start to make money,.
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    They stop working. After posting about 10 articles and not seeing a single person visit they get discouraged and quit. The ones that make it keep posting.

    There is a reason "they" say to blog your passion. Because every day you get up and are ready to hammer 1,000 words because you dig your topic. Because everyday you don't care that you didn't make a dime because you were happy to help some person looking for answers.

    People are in this game to make money. That's why they lose. Those that are in it to help people always win.
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    I've written hundreds if not thousands of pages of content for clients but was never inclined to create my personal blog. I tried a few times but became too distracted too soon with other projects. I never quite understood why I couldn't stay committed to my personal blog.

    It is only when I started making videos almost a year back when I first realized what the reason was. I blogged for clients because it allowed me to earn my bread and butter. However, I was never passionate about blogging.

    Vlogging is different. There is a steeper learning curve. Script writing is only one component of vlogging (even though arguably the most important one). You still need to worry about lighting, camera quality, audio quality and a number of other hassles before you can get the desired output.

    Without passion, it can be difficult to write a quality blog. But without passion, it is impossible to make a quality video.

    I learned this the hard way. No matter what you do, always be passionate about it.

    The second thing that comes naturally with passion is a voice. Some blogs are just bland. It's like you're talking to a frigging bot.

    If these two factors are missing, you'll most likely end up with a distasteful blog that probably won't become too successful.

    Get killer content for your next project.

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    Hi, newbie here. Also planning to set up a blog. Not primarily for money, though I won't deny it would also come in handy. Just to clarify what I just read, if I wanted to create a blog that attracts readers, a good place to start is

    1. Defining a niche and its pain points
    2. Plan for possible topics in response to those points
    3. Submit my site to directories
    4. Just keep going(?)

    I've been reading and it seems there are SEO concerns and algorithms I must consider. Could you share some more tips? It would be much appreciated.
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    Because they blog about stupid things. Nobody cares about someones dumb life.

    If you are teaching me how to bake the best apple pie, and that's what I want to learn.... well now I'll read it.

    You continue providing value to me, you become a trusted source for me.

    I then keep going back to you.

    There's a "formula" for blogging and most people just start a blog thinking it will just happen.
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    They fail because

    1) It takes lot of time to see success especially if you are writing epic posts
    Some bloggers take the challenge of writing 1000+ words a day for 30 days

    Then you have to continue working on updating your blog

    I know it is so hard on writing 1000+ words a day for lifetime
    but at least, do it the first month of your blog lunch and at least 2000+ weekly

    2) Focus on your niche, it does not work to write on lifestyle at least for most of bloggers
    you should create a very tight niche which has good volume of traffic

    3) Build an autoresponder to capture emails , try to keep them on your email by either using Andre Chapman training (google it) for building and keeping subscribers to your emails

    4) Create your own product, try to sell it with affiliate program

    Blogging, Internet marketing and WordPress
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    Everyone wants to be rich quick, not all are willing to get rich slow. Those that endure make money.

    It's all about giving value and getting value in return after the investment. It takes time sure. But everything worth having never comes easy.
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