The trials and tribulations of an unknown writer.

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Hi friends, peers and my fellow posters.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I have been a freelance writer since over a decade now and I stake no claims whatsoever to being a great writer. Fact is, many a times I wonder if I am a writer at all! Especially those dark nights (and days!), when I am not able to earn a single buck for days on end! That is a veritable nightmare, making me want to throw the towel in once and for all (And that has been on so many occasions!)

But then, when I feel like giving up even thinking I am a writer, I remember the words of an editor I once met. I had gone to show him a few of my articles I had written and after looking for less than 30 seconds at one of my articles, he looked at me with steely eyes and said,
"Ric, what do you want to be?"

I felt like a dagger had been pierced through my heart, he did not even look beyond 30 seconds at what I had written? I must really be crappy writer! I thought!

I managed to say, my voice faint,
"I want to be a writer."

He looked at me and said,
"Sorry to say this to you Ric, but you cannot be a writer!"

The dagger had now been plunged right into my heart and I could feel it coming out at the back, going right through my back.

I winced inwardly, but I guess the disappointment was writ large upon my face. I lowered my head, not knowing what to say - nor what to do!

And then the editor, of one of the most famous mags in the globe continued, his voice soft and gentle, almost a whisper...
"Ric, you cannot be a writer!" He said, pausing, I guess for dramatic effect and then continuing, "That is because you already are a writer!"


I was shocked to hear those words - and I have hung onto those words for many many years - especially at times when it is so frustrating, that I just want to stop writing!

But then, what else could I do?

After all, I only know to write!

Or so, I have been told!

Happy to be here.

Hope to find some genuinely good people here - and make a few friends too!

Best wishes and regards to you all.
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