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Hello there .
I'm actually new to all this affiliate marketing and I decided to go with jvzoo offers , I've got accepted in a travel nich offer and I'm trying to start promoting it through Facebook as I already have pixel data for over 5k view / sign up on my website travel nich
I would like to know what would you do exactly if you were me trying to promote the offer ? I never built any landing page / squeeze page but I'm kinda thinking about it , a free ebook + Landing page and Target the audience on Facebook with pixel data should convert well to get some leads and build my email list .
I want to know more on how I technically can do this as I have this only as theory
Thank you
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    A landing page is simple enough to figure out with a YouTube video. You may have to search a little though. Or you could hire most of it out on Fiverr.

    Something free like an e-book is usually a good magnet. It has to actually be of some value though. The better the value, the more likely to attract buyers that take you seriously.

    A lot of people are afraid to give away "too much of the good stuff". In my opinion, most of what you offer should be free. It presents you as an authority figure and not somebody trying to squeeze every penny out of their customers.

    People will think, " man I've gotten some good info from this guy and it's all been free. The stuff he's actually selling must be phenomenal!"

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    • Thank you for your informations I appreciate it
      So you think that a YouTube video and a landing page in discription is the best way to start with this .. I'd like to know your opinion on Facebook platform
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