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by jswota
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I have a new company and website (created on WIX). I would like my site to appear in a Google search when users search for "spaghetti bridge". It's a pretty specific phrase but i know that those people would be interested in my product. I have quite a bit of content on my site containing the phrase spaghetti bridge but i just can't get my site to show up. Google only returns 17 pages of results making me think that it shouldn't be too difficult to rank organically. But my site doesn't show up anywhere in those 17 pages. Some of the links that aren't even better matches than mine.

Any suggestions? I am still pretty new to SEO so I might just be missing something.

Any help would really be appreciated.

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    Well, what have you done so far? What on-site and offsite seo strategies have you tried? We would need to know more details to give advice.

    I've heard of wix but have no idea on if it includes hosting as well? Or do you have your own domain and hosting?

    Does wix do any seo optimization?
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    Well, that should be a super easy keyword phrase to rank for, so you have to be doing something wrong if you can't rank well for it.

    There's just not enough information provided to know what you have really done, how long the content has been up, how well it is optimized, whether the content is even worth indexing and whether you have real backlinks or just garbage ones that you placed yourself.
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    Before aiming for a keyword, it is always peremptory to evaluate the difficulty of the market. Always, analyze what your competitors are doing. This can be done with the help of keyword competition.

    The tools which are used for analyzing keyword competition measures how difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword. Keyword competition depends on how popular the keyword is and up to what extent the other businesses are competing for the similar keyword or similar phrase.

    Remember! The sooner and higher your web page rank for a specific keyword or phrase on a SERP, the longer you stay in the competition, and also for a longer period of time!

    some pro tips to rank a specific keyword in search engine ranking page:
    • Prefer long-tail keywords
    • Onsite keyword targeting
    • Offsite methods for ranking better on SERPs
    • Images and Videos
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    You gotta have images and good writing content.

    And don't forget to go to google webmasters tool and add your site there. You'll have to wait 4-5 days though for it to get indexed.
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    You need to choose easy to rank keyword with low competition. Your keyword is too difficult to rank for that keyword especially free wix site. It never gonna happen.
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    Start building some simple backlinks from high-authority sites (profile links, web 2.0s, article submissions, etc).
    In a few weeks, you'll start noticing results.
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    Usually for Google to rank a page for catchphrases other than the ones for which we might want the specific page to rank. Streamlining is great, as it will build the page's rankings, while over-improvement is awful, as it can create precisely the contrary outcomes.
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