How do I sell my online software (SaaS) to local businesses?

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I am new here and read the rules but I might still miss something so please go easy on me.

So I created a subscription software for local businesses. The better term would be SaaS.

What does it do?

It helps local businesses get more reviews in Google and Yelp.

It has email and sms marketing built in which funnels the customers to review sites.

The thing is I dived into this niche without any experience. I have built the solution almost completely and solo. I don't want to give up yet. I know local businesses want reviews and my software helps them.

I really don't know what i should be doing. If anyone can help me, provide some insights, i would be grateful.

[Not posting the link because I don't think it's allowed?]
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    Have you done any marketing so far? Do you have any active clients? Have you approached any local businesses to see if they would use it?
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    People think the internet is an entirely different animal from the real world of brick and mortar businesses. It isn't. It still takes marketing.

    If there was no internet, how would you get local businesses to use a product you created that would help them (for argument's sake, we'll say it is a security system). You would visit those businesses one by one and let them know about it.

    While you could definitely do that (and perhaps, should), the internet version of that is contacting them by email to let them know about it. Phone calls work, too. You are going to have to compile a list of all the local businesses, get their contact information and sell your product.

    The internet isn't going to magically do that for you. I doubt there are very many local businesses searching daily for "get more Yelp reviews in Scranton PA" (or wherever).

    After you get a handful of businesses to use the product, get their feedback and definitely collect any positive testimonials you can. You might have to give the first few out for free or at a severely discounted price but after getting those testimonials and feedback that might help you improve the product, you should be well on your way to making money with it. Then, you'll need to either create a new product, or expand to another local market to continue increasing sales.
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