Is Google Crawling Your Webpages?

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If you have not verified your website on Google it is useless!

Many people ask about how they can know whether their website exists on Google or not! Others complain about why is Google not catching their pages! Well, Google does not know anything until you tell it. You have a website, that is not enough. Go to Google Search Console, submit your domain/url in crawl fetch as Google, and verify it. That's the way Google will know your websites.

To increase the crawling capacity for your webpages:

First of all, make sure how many pages of your website are crawled by Google crawlers. Go to Google search bar and put the name of your domain as (link:domainname), and enter. It will tell you how many pages of your website are on google crawlers.

If you do not find any page that means your website has not been indexed in google. This may be due to a number of factors. Most common is blockage via robots.txt. In order to correct that, add slash/ after URL and write robots.txt; domainurl/robots.txt. It will tell you whether you have allowed or disallowed the Google crawlers to crawl your pages. Correct it accordingly!

If you are still not finding your pages, that may be because of low quality or duplicate pages or broken links. In order to increase the indexing potential, you may follow following tips:
  • Use internal and external links
  • Disallow low-quality pages to be crawled
  • Add your important pages to your sitemap
  • Share your page to high traffic websites that are regularly crawled

Please share your experience and add suggestions, Thank you!
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