Why do affiliate marketers use a second domain with php redirect scripts?

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I have noticed that affiliate marketers are using php redirects. The redirects are on a domain that is not the domain where that link is posted. I do not understand the purpose for this.

Also I noticed that when I use the "site:" operator on google for the domain that is hosting the redirects, there is a preview description. But i don't see this description on the final page or in the redirect. How is this done?
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  • Hello Eskimsniper,

    You should use the cloaking links for the affiliate marketing. It is very easy way for redirection. Hope this helps. Looking forward for your reply.
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    I understand why we want to cloak links from visitors.

    But they are using a second domain which contains the .php file to redirect to the affiliate link.
    This is what I don't understand and would like to know the purpose.
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    Maybe they are using a 3rd party tracker that requires you to set up a domain or subdomain that the redirects use.
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    I think I know, what it is. I just would like someone that really knows to confirm. I believe it is so google doesn't know it is an affiliate link on your site, so the second domain will link to the affiliate link, which google does not like. Second, so that the affiliate doesn't pass any rank juice to the offer page.

    But I can't find anything anywhere about this.
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