How I Made A Quick $670 With ClickBank

by lukeo
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Wanted to come on here and just share some of the things i have done right on my IM journey.

Its definitely not easy to make cash online, I think for a lot of people when we see someone advertising a way to make money online, everyone thinks they will be a millionaire within a week and thats definitely not the case!

I am no expert but the best way to get your start though in my opinion is by making a clickbank website, I have had a lot of success with this method just simply by picking a decent niche and by decent i mean one that is worth your while and you actually get paid in.

Literally the only things you need is web hosting and a good domain, a good wordpress theme, articles on the site as well as images and finally a clickbank account!

My niche for this particular website was fitness and i sold mainly a lot of supplements and services, once i had the site optimised and relevant backlinks from multiple traffic sources and blog comments on high authority blogs of people in the same niche, i was flooded with traffic and got some conversions not many but some. I did however collect an awful lot of emails where i was able to sell back to them on autopilot.

I think it is so important for people to focus on email (a lot of people already do) because thats where you make your money.

Still doing pretty well in this niche today.

Get after it, you won't regret it!
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