Brainstorming & choosing the right name for your business

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Starting up a business requires a great study. Before starting a new business or rebranding an old business,you will surely need a name for the business to start.

Most people get unbothered and find it unnecessary in choosing business names. In case you don't know,choosing the right name can do more good to your business and choosing the wrong name can do more was than good to your business. A good business name goes with a awesome tagline/slogan. Your business name tells a lot about you and your business.

Below are some useful tips in choosing the right name for your startup. Business.
  1. Get a name that is easy to spell- avoid names that are hard for people to pronounce because this cause a look off from your company when reaching out to people.
  2. Use names that are meaningful- Don't just suggest a name. Make it meaningful. The meaning interprets your brand identity.
  3. Make it unique and eye-catching- Yes, stand out from your competitors with your uniqueness and eye-catching business name. People will love to learn more about what you offer and contact you.
  4. Study it and make it look professional- let your customers believe through your professional business name
  5. Get the domain.Com- this is a new generation, people are always online check new stuffs. Get a name available with .com and make it maketable . for example, Mrshoe .com. When people search for you on the internet, it will increase your chance of getting more recognition and boost sales. There a lot of domain service like, etc.
  6. Do a Trade mark Check.- A trade mark tells the type of your business like LLC,LTD,PLC... and this will not allow a duplicate of the business name you are choosing.We have names like COCA-COLA, JUMIA. So you can't choose the same trade mark as yours.
  7. Social Media- if you need to open an official page for your company/product/brand/ecommerce/business. Make sure your business name goes with any social media name you choose. You must carefully brainstorm the name to be available in your selected social media. Some name would have been taken. So you have to go for another business name.
  8. Hire a branding service- the process involve in choosing the right business names may may be bulky and time Consuming. Save your self some stress and have time for other activities. If you need to contact here. Get everything done at low fee with in 24hrs
  9. Finally,be happy with your business names and share to the world.
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    Thanks for the tips. I made mistake no. 1 many years ago and it's a lesson I won't forget! It's important not to get too hung up on wordplay that's takes too long to get. People will just skip past. Keep it simple
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