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Hello guys,

I have recently lunched my own site with a few affiliate offers. I am now running campaigns using google ads with actually some good results. Now i am trying to scale up but i have a few questions about epc.

1. Should i calculate the epc on the total clicks generated from the campaign or the total clicks the offer received?
2. In order to be profitable do i need to keep my bidding in google ads below the epc or not ?
3. Is anything else that i need to calculate just make sure that my campaigns are performing well?

I also welcome any other recommendations or advices you may have before i scale up

Thank you in advance
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    I don't use google ads.

    Are the total clicks generated from the campaign different from the total clicks the offer received?

    EPC should be based on the unique clicks the offer received and then divide the amount you made by the number of clicks.

    So if you paid for 100 clicks and made $100, the EPC is $1 per click. So to make a profit, you need to pay less than $1 per click.

    The only reason you would pay more than $1 per click is if you had something that you promoted on the backend that consistently generated additional revenue. If those 100 clicks also generated an additional $400 in revenue on the backend, that would give you $500 on 100 clicks. So each click would be worth $5 each. In which case you could pay more than $1 per click and remain profitable.
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