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Hello, I´m new here and I would like to tell you something about my situation.
I finished my studies a a two years ago and now I´m working part time. I will be honest.My main problem is I suffer from avoidant/anxious personality disorder so I´m having a tough time finding a job.
During my studies I was learning about internet marketing, ecommerce, CPA..but all those thing requires an investments and as a person who did not have any regular income it was difficult for me. Getting free traffic is for long run and when I did not have any success I was confused and thinking what Im doing wrong, so I stopped it

That was my past. Now my primary goal is to get a job so I can save some money that I can invest later to online marketing. And there a few questions I would like to ask you.

1.Do you know about some jobs that can be done from home as well? Like eshop administrator, transcribers atc..? I was searching for something like this but most companies hire only people from U.S. (I live in Europe) some tips would be very much appreciated

2.Due to my disability I dont think I can ever manage to put myself out there - start making videos, or even webinars, case studies, exposing somethings from my private life to get in touch with people etc..
So my question is it possible to be succesfull affiliate marketer even when people, subsrcibers dont know me more personally? Without showing myself on camera?

3. From what I heard affiliate marketing is considered most profitable but it takes a time..So Im considering to start either with Fivver or Teespring, you think it is good idea? I heard people can make some cash faster with selling stuff/gigs...

So that is what I´d like to know. My main focus would be on affiliate marketing to make full time income after I get a job, but for now I´m curious if I can start with another online money making methods (fiverr, online selling, flip domains.ecomerce etc..?)

Thank you in advance for your answers
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    Hey Carl,

    You are asking a lot of questions here and long answers may be necessary to address them all. You may get better feedback by asking shorter and more specific questions. Having said that...

    2.Due to my disability I dont think I can ever manage to put myself out there - start making videos, or even webinars, case studies, exposing somethings from my private life to get in touch with people etc..
    So my question is it possible to be succesfull affiliate marketer even when people, subsrcibers dont know me more personally? Without showing myself on camera?
    This hit me and I'm compelled to answer. NEVER let your disability prevent you from doing something you really want to do. You can make as much money and be as successful as you want to be online. No, you do not need to show yourself or put yourself out there to make money or be successful.

    Think about all the advertisements you see each day. Do you ever see the person who created those ads? Do you see the person behind any of the ads you click online? Some people prefer to show themselves as it is a personal branding strategy to better connect with potential customers or followers.

    I understand your reluctancy to showcase your disability to the online world. People can be very cruel behind a computer or phone...but you should NOT let that stop you from trying to become a successful online business owner. There are so many options and workarounds to problems people face online.

    Some people stutter, so they write. Some are illiterate, so they youtube or podcast. Some people are great salesmen, but they can't think of their feet, so they copyright. Whatever your limitations may be, you can still triple down on your other strengths.

    Please do not be scared to try affiliate marketing because of your disability. You can still crush it just as much or more as anyone else. You need to firmly believe that before you get started.
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    There are also Virtual Assistant jobs you could consider for "work from home online"

    Agree'd with Palmtreelife. There is a lot of talk around here about video marketing and how you MUST show yourself to be successful but that is not true. There are lots if successful people who never show themselves and therefore you don't need to either if you aren't comfortable.
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    Let me try to figure out some solutions for you, Carl!
    I have doubt with your first question If you have exposure to internet marketing, e-commerce, and CPA. Then why don't you try to get projects for internet marketing as a freelancer or to work as a virtual assistant i.e. online based work?
    Your second question is not a matter in today's world. We are about to buy things, like and share posts and we do so many things. But, we haven't thought about the creator of that particulars. So, until or unless, if you wish to showcase yourself on the ramp nobody is going to bother on that.
    And, the last one is little technical. I am not enough experienced on those mentioned. Better I would say one thing, just surf on benefits and negatives of each one. Then comparatively, choose the best one that suits you.
    And my few words for you, "I don't know about you much. But, your eagerness to grow and earn makes me understand that you are enough bold inside. The thing is you are letting yourself behind the doors. If you are about to take your giant step ahead leaving your fear, shy, and anxiety aside. Then, you will definitely start making revenues which will be your huge investment for your passionate work i.e. affiliate marketing.
    All the best Carrl!
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    I can't help you regarding online jobs, but I've been promoting affiliate / CPA offer for a little over 18 years. However, I do things differently than most.

    I heavily promote PPL (pay per lead...lead generation) offers. This is because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form, so conversion rates are typically much higher compared to offers that require a sale to be made.

    I favor offers that have a make, get or save money benefit to them, as they have overall worked the best. They also tend to have the greatest mass appeal (will be of interest to a large general audience), so the potential exists to produce high volume and they are fairly easy to cross promote on the back-end.

    Some of the verticals (niches) I have done extremely well with are: education, insurance, loans, debt, credit, mortgage, assistance, discount offers, homeowner offers, etc...

    The bulk of the PPL offers that I promote pay $20-$40 per lead, but I also promote offers that pay more and less. You don't want to get too caught up on what an offer pays because how well it converts is just as important. For example, if you have an offer that pays $9, but if it converts at 2X or more of a $20 offer, then it will perform about the same or possibly better. At the same time, if you have an offer that pays $90 and it converts poorly, it may not even be worth promoting.

    I have also done just as good with dating website sign-ups and pretty good with free trial + S/H offers. I also promote a very limited number of offers that are straight sales. For them, mass appeal is still the number one thing I look for and I also look for one of the following...

    1) The product is new and/or novel-unique and you can't purchase it locally or even something similar. I don't waste my time with it once something similar shows up in Walmart.

    2) The buyer can truly get what is being offered at a decent discount.

    3) Solves a house is on fire type problem.

    However, I mainly promote non-PPL offers on the backend.

    Bottom line, it's far easier to get someone fill out a short form than to get them to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. So why struggle with trying to sell this or that, when you can provide free information that users want/need and get paid well doing it.

    So with the above, you are never doing any of the stuff that you felt would be difficult for you.

    Something to think about.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    18 Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    Well its true that free traffic its hard and it takes a lot of time to see results ,but if you want it as bad as you want to breath then you will work hard and you will succed but its not easy .I would sugest you to work in your free time on Im with free traffic and also to try to invest some money and keep also your job .You need patience but you can succed if you dont give up
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    Online sales are growing worldwide. So, the online store is still an excellent type of business that can bring its owner a good profit. How to achieve this?
    How to act to the online store was successful, tell online entrepreneurs, whose business has already reached a decent level.
    Understand the degree of competitiveness, competently work out pricing, accurately determine the target audience and build an advertising campaign can be, as it should be exploring competitors.
    Consider: buyers expect that the seller is well-versed not only in what sells, but also in this entire group of goods. Even in a clothing store, the phrase of the manager "This is now in trend" can magically affect the sale. But it is especially important to know all the nuances of the products and the market in the B2B segment, when consultation, installation, and service maintenance are often attached to the sale of sophisticated technological equipment.
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    Have you looked into doing administrative jobs? Or perhaps being a VA? Try looking into upwork or fiver. I've tried upwork and I've had good experience with that one.

    Cearion Uy - Marketing Advisor

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